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Ambaji Temple is located on the Arasur hill of the Aravalli range in Ambaji. The temple is among the 51 Shaktipeeths and it is believed that the heart of the Goddess fell at this place

There are two main temples in Ambaji. Inside the town is the Arasuri Ambaji temple, named after the Arasur mountains all around the town. Worship has taken place here ever since pre-Vedic times. The temple contains no statue or image; the main object of worship is the Shree Visa Yantra inscribed on a gilded marble plaque in a niche in the inner sanctum.

The other temple, the original seat of the goddess, is on Gabbar Hill, 4.5km from the Arasuri Ambaji temple. You can reach it by climbing 999 steps, or by cable car know as UdankhatolaKhushiyon Bhari Udaan”. On the flat hilltop is a small niche in which a lamp is kept permenantly lit.

It is said that the goddess’s footprints can be seen under the temple’s bodhi tree. This sanctuary is a Shakti Peetha, said to be the one where the goddess’s heart fell. A circumambulation path (called a parikrama), has been organised round Gabbar hill, with reproductions of all 51 Shakti Peethas set up along the way.

In order to develop Ambaji Pilgrimage as a Hill Picnic Place of Gujarat, Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trusthas in 1998 installed and inaugurated Shri Amba Devi Udan Khatola Facilities, that is to say, a Rope Way on the mountain of Gabbar, so that more and more pilgrims can visit and enjoy the beauty and holiness of Gabbar with so ease and joy, just by reaching in time, without any trouble. Rope way on Gabbar Hill has in fact encouraged more and more tourists and pilgrims, especially the aged and infirmed and senior citizens people from all corners of the world to come and sit in Rope-Way and enjoy Udankhatola ride in order to swing in the arms of the Beauty of Holy Gabbar Hill and its rocky surroundings.

Website : https://www.udankhatola.com


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