ShopingMare Magic: A Highly Palatable Option for an Uncomfortable Mare

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Is your mare moody, difficult to handle, and seemingly uncomfortable every spring and summer? She may be experiencing discomfort due to changes in hormone levels during her heat cycles. Fortunately, you can use Mare Magic to help counteract the effects of hormonal changes, which can relieve her symptoms and improve her mood.

What is Mare Magic and what does it do?

Mare Magic contains the active ingredient dried raspberry leaf (Rubus idaus), which is thought to help promote a quiet disposition and help strengthen the smooth muscle of both the digestive and reproductive tracts. Even better, dried raspberry leaves are the only ingredient, so you can feel great giving your horse a natural product that is safe and effective.

Hormones: The Cause of the Night-Mare

During a mare’s heat cycles, estrogen levels rise as ovarian follicles develop and prepare for ovulation. This is when your mare exhibits their “moody” behavior. There is a point about a day before ovulation where estrogen levels begin to decrease. A couple of days later, after ovulation and the formation of the corpora lutea, progesterone levels increase. It is at this point that they typically become calmer.

Raspberry Leaves and Ancient Medicine

Raspberry leaves have historically been used to promote a healthy reproductive system by easing the pain associated with uterine cramps and preparing the uterine muscles for labor.

When you look up the effects of raspberry leaves, many sources will tell you that they are great for balancing hormones because they increase estrogen levels. But wait, isn’t an increase in estrogen the cause of the moodiness in the first place? Yes, it is.

The benefit of dried raspberry leaves for moody mares is not in their supposed direct effects on estrogen, but most likely in the magnesium and fragarine that they contain. Magnesium plays an essential role in mood stability and focus in equines and humans alike. Due to its effects on irritability, It is also marketed for geldings with hard-to-handle attitudes. Fragarine is a compound that has been shown to tone and relax uterine muscles in some species, which helps alleviate cramping.

The Solution

There are many glowing customer reviews about the improvement in the atmosphere of their barn since the introduction of Mare Magic. Many people state that they have noticed a huge difference in their mares’ temperament and agreeability within a relatively short time period. The star rating on Google is 4.7 with 400 product reviews.

Mare Magic comes in an 8 oz. (60 day supply) or 32 oz. (240 day supply) package. One small scoop a day mixed in with their food is the recommended amount, but an extra scoop can bee added on the day of an activity.  For a total price of just $12.99 for an 8 oz. or $45.00 for a 32 oz. package, you can soothe your uncomfortable mare for about $0.19 a day.

At Corro, you can purchase this herbal remedy with confidence. Corro offers a satisfaction guarantee, flexible return policy, price match, and delivery in five business days or less. Tried it and loved it? Instead of using one-time delivery, you can sign up for auto-ship to help simplify your horse care routine and have Mare Magic delivered automatically on a regular schedule.

Even though Mare Magic is an herbal supplement and safe for most horses to consume, it is always best to check with your veterinarian. This product has not been evaluated for safe use in pregnant animals, and may even induce uterine contractions or early labor in some cases. It is also important to monitor the amount of selenium in your horse’s diet, as raspberry leaves contain high amounts, and too much can be dangerous. While Mare Magic is a great product that many equine owners love to use, it is important to determine the individual needs of your own mare before feeding.

No More Moody Mares 

Anyone who works with equines knows that mares can be grumpy, moody, and unpredictable during their heat cycles. This is not only difficult, but can be dangerous for the riders and farriers who interact with them. Luckily, there’s a variety of horse supplements to checkout  for a multitude of problems, and Mare Magic is a great natural solution to improve mood stability and promote a quiet disposition in both mares and geldings with disagreeable attitudes. One scoop once a day (and an extra scoop on the day of an activity) will help your horse feel calmer, and will help you feel more confident during handling.



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