Marketplace for online International classified ads

The marketplace for online international classified ads is rapidly gaining ground. In some markets, players and platform models have emerged as dominant, but market-shaping opportunities exist for players across the board.

In 90s selling and purchasing is not so easy mostly news papers are used for advertising but internet has solved that problem now you can sell and purchase any items through classified websites. Even you can grow your business through these websites at international level also many organizations are advancing their business by posting classified ads.


You can easily found many websites who are creating business opportunities at international level before it was not so easy but remember everything at one place was not such easy task only VolgoPoint International is providing that opportunity on international level it’s an international classified ads site, here you can found top Buying and selling leads around the world. Even you can purchase and sell their utilized items, Autos, Properties all at one place. You can advertise your business, services, products for anywhere in the World without paying anything. They are serving as a platform where you can seek jobs, they don’t just assist job seekers in their attempt to find their dream jobs, and they also assist employers to find the right employees. In addition, they enable employers and job seekers to interact with one another.


Classified is also a very good option for investors who like to invest in real-estate business. When you going to invest in property the first question comes in our mind is Are you at right places to buy property? There are plenty of platforms that can be utilized for buying property. For instance, there are online sites that allow you to explore the properties online and make a purchase. But only VolgoPoint provides you a secure platform for free international classified ads with huge database for properties ads. They have a history of providing the best place where you can purchase any type of property. They allow you to register both as a buyer and as a seller. They serve as a place where buyers can meet sellers. The sellers can post free ads about the property they are selling. They can upload the pictures of the property as well along with the necessary details. Similarly, the buyers can post free ads about the type of property they are looking for. As a buyer you can explore the site, see the ads about the properties and buy the one you are wishing for. They have hundreds of properties for sale.


Now a day’s every one want to secure platform. Classified sites are now a day’s target of spammers due to its high commercial potential, and this has be-come one of the biggest issues hindering further development of online advertisement. Spammers typically post fake ads on these sites to cheat buyers. Spam detection in other domains do not work well in the advertisement domain. We propose a novel spam detection approach that takes into account the particular characteristics of this domain. We propose a novel set of features that could strongly discriminate between spam and legitimate advertisement posts. There special system never approve any ads without verify they are providing options users to report against spam’s and fraud.

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