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gwendolynrudd6February 20, 2020235 min

There’s an entire lot of great stuff going on this particular week, but my pick for best option will be Geoff Achison and The Souldiggers Thursday (the 29th) at The five Spot on Euclid Avenue in Atl! The Souldiggers are Yonrico Scott, Ted Pecchio and Marty Kearns. I saw these guys last year at Eddie’ Attic, additionally they were just awesome!

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The Red Mill began in the 1930’s while your plain old neighborhood Country Bar. They served Friday night fish fries and charcoal grilled sandwiches towards locals. Has been created then called the Tip Key. It remained that for over 20 years until 1952 when 2 different people from Milwaukee purchased the bar and grill minnetonka. They renamed it the Red Mill. Has been purchased by a number of other couples since then and still remained a rustic Bar and Grill throughout the years until the late 80’s the couple started remodeling and turned it into an upscale restaurant.

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They have a few pastas on their menu but also. They have a chicken, vegetarian and seafood alfredo. They experienced a chicken and seafood Florentine. Their orange shrimp and mushroom pasta was the 2006 winner of the Chef’s Showdown and is a very popular item on their menu.

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