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At one time it was a common belief that women do not have heart-related diseases and even if they do, in some rare cases. But this may have been due to lack of information and data. Because the symptoms and causes of heart failure in women are different than in men.

The biology of both women and men is different in many respects. This is the reason why different symptoms are seen for the same disease. This usually applies to heart-related problems. The special thing is that it takes a long time to recognize these symptoms.

Cases of heart failure in women

The types of health factors seen in women as symptoms and causes of heart failure are significantly different from men. Also, symptoms start appearing much earlier. In such a situation, if awareness of these symptoms is maintained then women can be protected from many serious diseases. Because it is generally seen that many other serious diseases make them victims before the condition of heart failure in women.

Symptoms of heart failure in women

– Before menopause, the level of sex hormones in women is greatly disturbed. Female hormones are called estrogen and male hormones are called testosterone. Although both these hormones are in the body of both women and men, they have a certain amount. Due to which increase or decrease health problems arise.

Main causes of BP problem in women

– Decreased or increased estrogen levels during menopause impedes the functioning of the heart in women. Which increases the risk of heart failure.

– When women come out of the condition of menopause, they are usually surrounded by blood pressure problems. These problems also promote cardiovascular diseases.

– With increasing age, the problem of increasing obesity is more in women than men. After menopause, not only do women face the problem of rapid weight gain, but they also continue to be troubled by rapidly increasing obesity.

– Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure three times more than normal. Which along with many other problems causes heart disease.

Along with these reasons, there are many problems like emotional pressure, lack of proper food, lack of complete rest, which are gradually pushing women towards cardiovascular diseases. To fight this disease, you can contact a Heart Surgeon in Delhi.

Menopause is also a cause of heart disease

This is a problem

Because there are many other types of health-related(best cardiologist in India) problems like hormonal changes, high BP, very high stress is seen directly in women before heart failure. In such a situation, at times, there are problems in giving them the correct statement. Because it takes time to study similar symptoms of many diseases. Among many reasons, it also becomes a reason that women find it difficult to get the right treatment on time.


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