Mens Hair Tips on Styling

This article gives some mens hair tips on styling your hair so that it looks great. The first thing to keep in mind is that the shampoo you use will help determine how well your hair will take a shape and style over time. For example, a heavy wash can strip away much of the natural luster from your hair. If you use a lighter wash, your hair will retain more of its natural sheen and color.

Use a large shampoo bar, perhaps with a heavy hair brush attached to it. This will help maximize the volume and density of your locks. There are lots of hair products out there that are designed to keep your hair looking great. One of the best hair tips on styling is to brush your hair up towards the ear.

Curls and waves are great options for adding a bit of bounce to your hair. Comb your hair in this manner, starting with the ends. This will help diffuse the volume from the top of your head. Also, read hair extensions for fine hair here.

Another good method for keeping your hair and the style it has when wet is to start brushing it straight across from one side to the other and to use a nice hair brush. A small amount of conditioner should be used after this to keep your hair from getting too stiff. Use your fingers to comb your hair forward over your shoulders, rather than up over your ears.

Take care of your hair by blow drying it to dryness. You want to apply a quality detangler and then a set of lotion to help lock in the moisture. The bulkier hair will need a finer brush and your hair will need to be flat ironed to seal in any curl or wave. Following this with a deep conditioning spray is also recommended to keep your hair from losing its shine.

Washing is similar to blow drying, but wash the ends first to open up the cuticle of the hair shafts. Use a soft brush and comb it through your hair, ending with a small section at the back of your head. Leave the rest of your hair to air dry and your style will be complete.

Roll your hair around a rod or plastic stick that is about one inch long. This will give it some body. Also consider a hair net. This will keep your hair in place. Make sure to choose one that fits your face very well. Check out home remedies to keep blonde shine here.

Other men’s hair tips on styling include painting the ends of your hair with a clear coat, sometimes called waxing. The wax helps protect your hair from chipping and provides more strength in the hair’s ends.

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