Health and FitnessMental health issues and the tenure of pregnancy… Here is some insight on this situation

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There are lots of women who face ill mental health during the phase of pregnancy. The reason is that there are lots of changes occurring on a physical as well as psychological level. When it is the first time in pregnancy then there can be a lot of anxiousness and tension. Some women may feel more vulnerable as compared to others and prolonged anxiety and tension can manifest into depression. Thus it is very important to take care of mental well being during pregnancy and one must consult a doctor without feeling hesitant.

What should be done to deal with mental health issues during pregnancy?

You should take utmost care of your mental health during pregnancy. If you have encountered some major mental health issues in the past then there are chances that the symptoms may again trigger back during pregnancy. Even if there are no past records of ill mental health then also you can experience a lot of psychological changes during this phase. Sometimes it is seen that women experience no mental trauma during pregnancy but after giving birth to the child they go through severe depression.

Thus, there can be different mental health conditions during the pregnancy phase like excessive anxiety, constant state of worry, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression etc.

When you feel that something is not okay with your mental well being, then immediately contact a doctor for help. The doctor can diagnose the exact condition and will suggest the best medicines for restoring the mental health. Sometimes just counselling may be needed. There are lots of women who face extreme stress during pregnancy and for them proper counselling can do wonders in altering the state of mind. Thus, there is no need to panic if you are experiencing some setbacks on the psychological level. The best thing that you can do is to find a suitable doctor and discuss all your problems very freely. It will change your life for much better and you will be able to go through the pregnancy phase without any difficulty.

The time when you should seek immediate medical assistance

Here is an idea about the situations when you should immediately seek the advice of a doctor –

  • If you are consistently feeling really sad or worried or anxious then you should go and talk to the doctor. Some sort of hormonal changes may be causing poor mental health.
  • Many women tend to develop obsessive compulsive disorders during pregnancy. In this case also a doctor can help you out.
  • When you are experiencing panic attacks then also you should ask a doctor for help.
  • Sometimes there can be feelings like hopelessness, losing interest in daily activities, depression etc. In these cases medicines as well as counseling can help to a great extent.
  • When negative thoughts are affecting your ability to function in a normal way then talk about your feelings to a doctor.

Thus, be it tension, anxiety or depression in pregnancy, you must contact a medical practitioner for support. It is assured that you will get the best possible guidance and finest treatment.


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