Most Significant symptoms of Brain Tumor You Should Know About

There are specific types of tumors which you must know about. It is important for you to understand the gravity of each one of them. Brain tumors can be classified into two categories, those of which are cancerous (malignant) and others, which are non-cancerous (benign). There are malignant tumors that begin in the brain, which are known as primary brain cancer. And sometimes, cancer tends to go and spread from some other part of the body right into the brain that results in secondary brain tumors. Brain tumor treatment in India is renowned to identify the kind of tumor one is dealing with.

Below are a few symptoms that depend on the size, type, and location of the brain that can tell the beginning of a brain tumor.

  • Headache

One of the most common symptoms of a brain tumor is a worsening headache. About half of the people who possess brain tumors suffer from this. A tumor tends to put a certain amount of pressure on the blood vessels and sensitive nerves, which may result in headaches. Such headaches are nowhere in comparison to the regular headache that one may get. They occur in persistent pain and hurt more when you get up in the morning. They also get accompanied by vomiting and get worse when you do exercise or cough.

  • Seizures

Brain tumors tend to push nerve cells in the brain. It often results in interference with electrical signals and hence, turning into a seizure. Fifty percent of the people who have brain tumors experience a seizure at least once in their lifetime. It may also be one of the very first signs of a brain tumor. But, they might also come from other kinds of brain diseases or drug withdrawal which can be recognized when diagnosed for a brain tumor treatment in India.

  • Unexplained mood swings

Tumors in the brain have the ability to disrupt your brain function entirely and can also affect your personality. It can cause mood swings, which are hard to explain. You might be easy to get along in the past, but now you may be easily annoyed for no apparent reason. Also, you might be happy one moment, and you can get easily sad the next. There can be other reasons as well for mood swings such as substance abuse or mental disorders.

  • Memory loss

Confusion or loss of memory can occur due to a tumor present in the temporal or frontal lobe. It also has the ability to affect reasoning ability. Under this condition, you can also undergo short term memory loss. You also might be confused about simple matters. This can also be a side effect to therapies like radiation or chemotherapy. Memory loss can also occur through different reasons such as medications or emotional disorders.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue, when you have a brain tumor, you might feel a little tired once in a while. You may be completely exhausted all the time, or you might feel weak in your body. You also might lose all your ability to focus. There may be other conditions that can cause fatigue, which includes anemia or certain neurological conditions.

  • Depression

It is one of the most common symptoms for people who have already received a diagnosis for their condition. It can include suicidal thoughts or feelings of persistent sadness that don’t go away in an ordinary course of time. It can also include insomnia or lack of energy.

When it comes to recognizing the warning signs, one can face a lot of symptoms and others can face just one. It depends on the part of the brain where the tumor is growing and also how large it is. You must understand the warning signs and how it affects the brain. Once you realize the warning signs that exist, then, it is easier and faster to undergo brain tumor treatment in India.

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