Natural Remedies For The Menopause

Do you want to avoid using estrogen therapy to subside your menopause symptoms? You do have choices that can be very effective.

Read on to find some lifestyle approaches and natural remedies for menopause symptoms such as memory problems, weight gain, and vaginal symptoms.

Memory Problems

A majority of women begin to notice specific memory glitches as they get into menopause. Although it’s just the natural aging process, there are things you can do to keep your memory as you get older.

Stress Management: Stress and anxiety are two major memory busters. The menopause transitions usually happen at a time of life that may present significant challenges such as divorce, illness, aging parents, and parenting teenagers, to name a few. Memory problems such as displacing household things or forgetting names or addresses may be an early sign that your stress level is climbing.

Minimizing the stress in your life and taking care of yourself is a survival skill that can also help reduce your menopause symptoms.

Green Tea: Drinking green tea is linked to many health benefits, including preventing certain types of cancers and boosting the immune system. Recent research also links the long-term use of green tea with reducing enzyme activity that impairs memory.

Adequate sleep: To process memory tasks, your brain needs to have proper sleep. Research shows both short naps, and longer naps can aid in memory function.

If you are unable to grab a cat nap during the day, pay special attention to getting adequate nighttime sleep for a sharp memory and cognitive functions.

Weight Gain

Most herbal preparations are not proven for weight loss. However, there are certain natural dietary changes and lifestyle modifications that can help you reduce the tendency to put on weight.

Diet musts: Menopause is a great time to review your diet and make specific changes that will serve you through the menopausal transition. As you begin to handle calories differently and your metabolism slows, you should consider including a proper menopause diet for a healthy postmenopause life. This may include a whole-food diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, and high-quality protein.

Stress management: Stress is usually a result of the high production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can interfere with the ability of your body to maintain weight. You can manage stress by keeping cortisol levels low. It will make it easier for your body to stimulate fat metabolism and control calories.

Exercise: As you get into menopause, exercise should become an integral part of your healthy life plan.

Weight loss requires higher levels of physical activity. Since exercise also helps memory, bone health, and mood, it is truly an all-purpose road to menopause wellness. Exercise and physical training are the factors that can maximize your ability to control weight and reduce menopause symptoms.

Vaginal Symptoms:

Beginning to leak urine and losing pleasure during sexual activity are two complaints that most women may have trouble discussing with their physicians. If you have these perimenopausal vaginal symptoms, there are following two natural remedies you may want to try:

Vitamin E and Flaxseed Oil: The combination of flaxseed oil and vitamin E, used directly on the vagina or taken orally, can sometimes offer remarkable relief from urinary incontinence and other vaginal symptoms. Usually, these are taken as oral supplements; some creams also contain them as well to be applied directly to the vagina.

Wild Yam Cream: Creams or lotions derived from wild yam contain a phytoestrogen (plant-derived estrogen) that can work locally to help subside vaginal symptoms.

Prescription drugs are helpful in controlling menopause symptoms, however, at the cost of side effects and health complications. This article contains safe and effective natural remedies for menopause symptoms such as memory problems, weight gain, and vaginal symptoms.

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