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We humans naturally want to win at everything, and it sucks when we’re failing. A young boy wants to use just the right language to approach a lady; the lady, in turn, wants to behave most modestly and attractively, especially when in the presence of the admirer. Similarly, mothers tend to set these high goals for their coming babies, and they want things to flow just as planned.

But rarely is this the case.

One thing you should expect as an expectant mother is the unexpected. This is regardless of whether you are a new mom or have experience. The bundle of joy may present challenges falling asleep, feeding problems that call for breastfeeding support, or a myriad of other unforeseen events that are uncalled for.

This is where lactation consultants for moms come in handy. These are experts specifically trained to help you merge your breastfeeding goals with a plan that works for both you and the baby. You don’t have to be undergoing pain or trouble feeding the youngling for you to seek breastfeeding support for mothers. There are plenty of reasons you may ask for an extra hand with diverse experience once you reach this stage. But before we assess these reasons, precisely who is a lactation consultant for moms?

The Big Question: Who is a Lactation Consultant for Moms?

Generally, lactation consultants can be categorized as nursing professionals specifically dedicated to helping new moms. These specialists are accredited by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), and rightfully so. Their strict training entails 90 hours of must-do class hours, at least 1000 hours of spot-on clinical experience before certification, plus extensive coursework in health sciences. What’s more, the board requires them to recertify after every five years as they progressively boost their education and expertise.

Yap, it’s that serious.

So, how can a lactation consultant help you, your mate, and your newborn in this blissful experience?

Reasons Why a Certified Lactation Consultant Could Be of Help


 Lactation Has Become a Painful Experience

Breastfeeding should be more or less similar to making love – intimate times when you exchange your essence with your baby. It should be a continuation of the cut umbilical cord. If you have bleeding nipples or are cracked and sore, you may easily lack the motivation to continue and even dread the process. Lowered motivation will have a ripple effect and affect your milk production, and the baby will end up sucking air instead of milk.

Trouble breastfeeding? Perhaps it’s time to enroll in professional help.

A trained professional will work with you to sort out this challenge. The trained lactation consultant for moms will also help you address such issues as mastitis, engorgement, or plugged ducts that may cause pain.

You’re Considering Other Options

Breastfeeding support training involves offering the best advice that is non-judgmental and considerate to your needs. Therefore, a professional lactation consultant will advise you on the best strategies if you are considering switching to formula or plan to return to work and you want to start pumping milk. Not only will the trained personnel recommend the best nursing and pumping bra, but they may also suggest a plan that mixes formula with breast milk for optimum development of the toddler. Ready to become a pumping pro?

You Have Undergone a Breast Augmentation

If you’ve altered your breast size through surgery in the past, it means you won’t be in a position to breastfeed. Lactation consultants for moms will offer the best strategy on the way forward, though it may still be difficult for you.

They are Flexible According to Your Needs

Do you have to start breastfeeding at the hospital? Guess what, your medical cover allows you to enjoy 20 minutes with a lactation consultant in a public hospital and up to 90 minutes in private hospitals. Besides offering breastfeeding support in the hospital, lactation consultants for moms can also visit you at your home, or you can schedule a meeting in their office.

You Had Complications During Delivery

Not to worry here; most complicated deliveries do not affect breastfeeding. However, if perhaps you shed a lot of blood or experienced HBP, a lactation consultant for moms will offer you priceless advice. Furthermore, if you had prior challenges in feeding your babies, you may still require breastfeeding support.

Other than that, you may need help if you have any health challenges that force you to be on medication.

Teething Has Just Began

Only mothers can tell the tale of having teeth poking your nipples in an ‘unattractive manner.’ Lactation consultants will help you draw a blueprint of how to best cooperate with your thriving toddler. What’s more, they will come in handy to help the baby develop the proper latch while showing you the perfect breastfeeding positions for you.

Make every moment breasting pure bliss for you and your child

 You are Blessed with Multiple Kids

Whoever said, “The more, the merrier,” should meet up with a breastfeeding mother of twins or triplets. Multiple kids take the game to a whole new level, and lack of preparation can drain the couples. If you think breastfeeding one baby is complicated, wait until you have twins. In such a case, your mother and her friends may not be in the best position to give you quality advice. Think of reaching out to a trained expert.

Winding Up

Most upcoming professions are underestimated, and lactating consultation for moms is one of them. These experts also act as counselors and will mentally prepare the expectant couples for the birth, delivery, and breastfeeding process through pre-birth consultations.

But what happens if you don’t rely on insurance? What does a lactation consultant make, and can you afford one?

If you don’t have any problematic medical experiences or challenges delivery, you may need an average of three visits to have it all figured out. Each visit will typically cost you around $200 but will save you considerable time and resources in the long run. The packaged deal will also involve all the moral support and confidence you need to feel as the supermom you are.

Do you think a lactation consultant for moms is worth the trouble?

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a journalist and a therapist living in California and covering all the topics related to children. She is mainly writing about kids’ physical health. However, since she has a Ph.D. in Child’s Behavioral Psychology, she often covers topics related to their mental health.


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