Need to speed up the task of Adult Education in India

India is a majority-rule nation i.e., a democratic country. Shockingly, India keeps on being a retrogressive nation in regard to education and no majority rule government can work effectively if its masses are unskilled or uneducated. In a majority rules system, individuals choose their own rulers (government). Here, we have discussed a few aspects of adult education and why it is imperative in a country like India. You can also read the current news in Hindi.

Indian governments, since ages, have been attempting their best to spread education. Our constitution additionally guarantees all-inclusive education and fairness of chance for all. Mandatory essential education for youngsters between the age group of six to fourteen years has been made compulsory. Schools have been opened even in far off rural areas of the nation as reported by several local Hindi news media houses. Endeavours are by and large genuinely made to drive the youngsters to come to schools. It is actually an exemplary exertion.

What’s the challenge?

Adult education is the most significant program of social welfare in India. More than 80% of our people are ignorant. They must be made proficient in any case, as without it, the vote-based system in India can’t work.

As reported by Uttar Pradesh Hindi news portal, ‘’A large portion of our adults can’t bear the cost of education and that is why they hesitate to enrol themselves into the schools. They fear that they need to give up their jobs, as most of the adults are the sole breadwinners in a poor household.’’

Governmental support

The Janata Government propelled the venture of Adult Education on a major scale in 1977. In any case, the plan couldn’t see the light of the day due to the inside battling and the inner quarrelling of the different constituents of the Janata Government. At the point, when the Congress government returned to control, it chose to take up the venture of Adult Education once more. It gave the motto: ‘Every one, Teach one.’

The issue of teaching ‘the old parrots’ is an epic one. There are around 450 million uneducated grown-ups in the nation. Initially, they must be convinced and inspired to get training and proper education. Furthermore, assets, staff, gear, aids, books, and other related materials must be given on a huge scale.

The task has been given over to 150+ colleges in the nation. Schools as well the colleges have been approached to open and arrange syllabus and means of study for the adults in their individual zones. Every unit conducts courses for 20-30 grown-ups. Educators were also reasonably paid.

The issue of adult education is actually a grave issue. Yet, there is no scepticism about the need of it. Our section of ‘latest news in Hindi has even reported how the Central Government is now planning to give solid shape to the whole task of adult education.

Let the educators and the concerned authorities meet the challenge at hand and let our population exposed to the right and quality education. It is through education only that we can meet the other challenges that are long prevailing in our country such as poverty, corruption, population explode, and many more.

No administration plan can succeed except if the people themselves support it. We should surrender the act of sitting at the fence and counting flies. Let us join the chivalrous effort and make this goal-oriented arrangement a stupendous achievement so that Tagore’s fantasies are changed over into a reality. To get more such Hindi news local or international, keep checking out this space.

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