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QuickBooks is getting popular each day for its efficient accounting system that not only offers innovatively designed tools, top technology, and user-friendly features but also benefit a large group of small and mid-sized businesses. Its well-equipped features help in organizing and managing business transactions on daily basis. As we all know that you need to make business correspondence through mails for sending invoices, marketing, and gathering information. In QuickBooks, there is a feature of Direct Printing from the software itself that allows its users to have smooth transactions of emails correspondence. With this feature, you can directly send emails to your clients, vendors, and debtors without any interruption. But many times, you might come across an error while sending emails. There may be several reasons behind the process of sending emails. In this article, we will discuss the possible reason and steps to fix email errors. You can also contact our CPA DESK at +1 267-857-9587.

Possible reasons causing email error plaguing of QuickBooks Desktop Users of Outlook

  • Incorrect Configuration of Email Preference.
  • Corrupted and Incorrect MAPI32.dll file.
  • Setting up of QuickBooks as an Administrator.
  • Problem with QuickBooks Installation.
  • Outlook opens and runs in the background when you email from QuickBooks.

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User-Based Work Around to fix the email error of Outlook within QuickBooks.

We have not detected any particular reason for such error when users try to send their invoices, offers, and purchase orders to their clients or others through outlook within QuickBooks. But we assumed that there may be problem-related with the outlook software that required a quick update. However, Intuit’s QuickBooks has a team of experts that can assist you on a phone through our CPA DESK contact number at +1 267-857-9587.

Below are some easy steps to follow for user-based Work Around:

  • Select the Edit under User Log in thereafter Click on to
  • Choose the tab of Send Forms Preference thereafter, select the My Preference

(If you are an existing user, you may see that Outlook is selected in the window that appeared on your screen)

  • But now you have to deselect Outlook and select the WebMail Providers (mail, Yahoo)
  • Select Add button for the configuration of outbound ‘Send Email’. Now check your access to Outlook Email Server Information.
  • Now fill in the details like Email Address, Email Provider as others, enter the send email Server Name, SMTP Port of sending Email. Check if the server needs SSL/TLS. You can contact your IT team for any related information.
  • When you are done, click on Now you will be directed to the My Preference window where you will see the Current Default is showing below Select Default.
  • Select Ok as appear on the upper right corner in the Preferences window.
  • Now you can proceed to email any invoice from the window of sending the invoice. Please note that this workaround is a temporary solution to fix the email error that uses your internal email windows and templates while using your own email account of Outlook.
  • If you are doing this for the first time, you must enter the password of your email account. Click on to Ok.
  • The Email with its attachment of the Invoice is now processing to send. You will get a pop-up message once it is delivered successfully.

In this way, you can again send the emails to your clients through web Mail. Though less effective and less smooth but temporarily functional for your business correspondence.

Various Methods to resolve new email errors of Outlook within QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Unable QuickBooks from the Administrative mode.

As mentioned above when you set QuickBooks on Administrative mode, then there are chances to encounter such email errors. So, we suggest you remove the checkmark which makes QuickBooks on Administrative mode.


  • Reconfigure Email Preferences of QuickBooks.

You must reset the email preferences of QuickBooks. This can be done by clicking on the Edit open after opening QuickBooks and Company File. Now you can change the preference and set it as outlook under the My Preference Tab. This will help you fix email errors.

  • Recheck the configuration settings in Internet Explorer.

The same configuration settings should be followed in the browser of Internet Explorer. Once you are done, open the QuickBooks and try to email the invoice from here.

  • Repair and recheck MAPI32.dll File.

A protocol of Microsoft Windows Component basically named as “Messaging Application Programming Interface” generally transmits messaging communication with Microsoft Office and the QuickBooks Desktop. You must repair the MAPI32.dll file so as to resolve the email problem.

  • Use the Clean Up tool to reinstall the QuickBooks

You should first close and uninstall the processes of QuickBooks. Thereafter, use the clean-up tool to download and reinstall the QuickBooks. Now try to send the email from your company file.

We hope after using the above methods, you will encounter no more new email errors of Outlook within QuickBooks. For any further assistance, you may directly make a phone call to our CPA DESK.


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