shrugs and cotton jacket

Not so basic: Love for shrugs, crop top and palazzo

Women loves clothes, this love has started with necessity to aspiration. Given a chance they invest fair amount of their money on clothing ranges. In this process of love and requirements, some womens cotton clothing category are must have or basic category such as top, tunic, kurta, jeans etc. We have been reinvented these basic clothing range in different style to keep our look versatile. Apart from these basic there are some other clothing range which has been loved by every women such as shrugs, skirt, crop top and palazzo. Each product has their reason for being hugely accepted and love by women in spite of being accessories or optional outfit. Let’s try to explore this affection



Shrugs and jackets are overlay outfit that we wear in combination with different outfit such as tunic, top, dresses and tan top. Women love this overlay for various reasons

  • Cotton jackets create sophisticated and classy outlook while shrugs enhances easy and quirky look
  • Shrugs and jackets bring comfort along with them.
  • Being versatile they help to create unique style statement
  • They are ready to go outfit that help to get you ready on last moment hurry.
  • Shrug is utterly comfortable outfit on vacations and jacket are supremely classic outfit for office meetings

Bebaak has beautiful collection of shrugs and cotton jacket made from handcrafted textile. Range varies from short jacket, short shrugs and long shrugs.

Crop topCrop top


Crop tops are short length top that can be worn with different style of bottom. Major reason behind the success of crop tops are

  • They are comfortable and stylish in look
  • Can be team up with different bottom that gives unique style statement.
  • Crop top goes well with western style bottom such as skirt and palazzo as well as indian style bottomwear as well
  • Crop top have been famous among Indian girls due to chic look but now it is hugely popular among Indian women as well as they are teaming it with their sarees and skirts, a unique and sophisticated ensemble that this.
  • Consideringthe multipurpose use of crop top with style and comfort women keenly look and shop for different style of crop top

You can check modish and classy pattern of crop shirt and crop top for women online at




Again it is all about style with comfort and that is what palazzo speaks about. Here is some interesting point about palazzo.

  • Widely accepted by wider age group of women
  • They can be team up with crop top and top and tunic/ kurta
  • Palazzo with crop top and top, look smart and confident
  • Palazzo with kurta ensemble look sophisticated and regal
  • Palazzo are low maintenance and easy to carry because of which getting accepted widely as work wear bottoms for women
  • Cotton palazzo brings comfortable and easy feel along with that’s why working women are shifting toward palazzo from jeans and laggings.

As we are getting into high trends and fashion it is easy to access more style still tough to find comfort and ease. You can shop comfortable and trendy cotton palazzo, shrugs and crop top at online store of Bebaak Studio with exclusive quality. All their product range is authentically handcrafted, handmade by indigenous artisans of India

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