Tips and TricksNot Sure How To Prepare For Your Chemistry Exams? Refer To This Guide

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Chemistry exams can be a tough call to prepare for. Although they are pretty scoring, the subject’s complexity can render people helpless. Many students even argue that preparation for chemistry exams is the toughest. Especially for NCERT Class 12 chemistry exams can be a living nightmare. Thankfully, with these tips that we have presented below for you, your chemistry exams are sure to go seamlessly—confused about what we just said? Well, here’s the guide!

Do Not Memorize Without Understanding

There is a humongous difference between mugging up a chapter and understanding it correctly. While mugging up is what we have seen most nerds do all their lives during exam time, it might not be the healthiest resort. Understanding before you memorize is crucial because it helps you to remember the topic in more depth. It also allows you to curate logical answers even when you have forgotten them line by line. If you are about to sit for your NCERT class 12 chemistry exams this year, start understanding the topic before memorizing it.

Practice Consistently To Improve

Consistency is not the only key in business but also education. The more you practice, the more likely you are to ace your NCERT class 12 chemistry exams. That is why you must make time daily and practice chemistry theoretically and practically whenever possible. Doing this will help you to complete the syllabus on time along with learning the subject by heart. So, when you have to write for the exams, you need not hesitate at all. You will know what to do.

Make The Most Of Your Lab Time

Hands-on experience for NCERT class 12 chemistry exams is essential. Chemistry labs can be the ultimate destination to make this happen for real. The more time you spend in chemistry labs solving chemistry problems, conducting experiments, and working on chemistry problems, the more likely you will understand the subject better. It also allows you to practice the samples that you have been learning theoretically. Naturally, it will keep you more engaged and motivated for the exams. So, make sure you never miss an opportunity to visit the chemistry lab.

Understand The Question Paper, BY HEART

We did save the last for the most valuable tip. The question paper format can make or break your scores exponentially. It contains the entire structure you need to prepare for your NCERT class 12 chemistry exams. So, it almost cuts your efforts to half for the long run. All you need to do is understand the structure carefully. Focus on the different scores each section of the question paper holds. Then, you can chalk out your studies accordingly.


If you are about to sit for your NCERT class 12 chemistry exams soon, this guide can thoroughly help you. Make sure you follow these tips to see the difference yourself. Also, do not forget to scout for a helpful tutor if you want to score better grades. We promise; it always helps to have a good guide on time.


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