Oil Massage For Dry Hair

Oil Massage For Dry Hair

When it comes to hair care, one of the most neglected areas is oil massage for dry hair. Most salons and spas have a basic oil massage system that they will include in your routine. If you are like most people and do not receive the oil massage that you need from your salon or spa, then here are some tips on oil massage for dry hair.

First off, never use hot water to massage your scalp. I know that most salons and spas have their own hot water tap and steam, but many of these hot water shampoos do not contain natural oils. Natural oils help to increase blood circulation to the scalp and helps to keep your scalp healthy. The second tip I want to offer is to get a good shampoo instead of a foam or hot towel.

A great shampoo is one that contains natural vitamins and oils that are beneficial to your hair. A good shampoo to use would be a shampoo that contains shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba, and other organic oils. You can purchase a great shampoo at your local drug store or spas.

Once you have chosen a shampoo that you feel comfortable with, then you should begin your oil massage for dry hair. To do this, massage your scalp with oil and begin to massage in circular motions all over your head, concentrating on your roots and end of your hair.

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When you are done massaging, you should pat your scalp dry and finish with a quick shower. There are a few things you can do while you are massaging your scalp such as blow-drying or curling your hair.

Lastly, after you are done massaging your scalp, I would recommend that you bathe your hair with hot water. Hot water helps to open up your pores and promotes growth. Most of the time, when people are trying to grow their hair back after it has been damaged by chemical treatment, the hair always seems to slow down.

One of the best ways to let your hair re-grow faster is to soak it in hot water right after you massage it. This is an amazing trick that was tried by some professional athletes and you can use it for yourself as well!

Many people like to massage their hair after a shower because the water dries out the hair and reduces the amount of damage that your hair may have received. After you have shampooed and dried your hair, then go back to your basic routine of oil massage for dry hair and let your hair re-grow at its fastest rate!

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