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Everyday life in a hurry and still accumulating problems often contribute to the malaise. In a situation where life begins to crumble and we stop dealing with problems, it is worth using a psychotherapist’s help. Talking to a specialist who knows human nature perfectly can significantly help you control your life. Talkspace therapy is currently becoming more and more popular.

When is it worth going to talkspace therapy?

At first, many people are very reluctant to have a psychotherapist session. Meanwhile, it is worth using visits to a specialist when a bad mental state disturbs us in our normal functioning. It often happens that the support of family and friends turns out to be insufficient. People in a bad mental state constantly make the same mistakes and they lack life joy and self-satisfaction. Also, their relationships with other people are not going well. People with mental problems very often feel lonely, misunderstood, feel great fear and do not see the meaning of their existence.

In such a situation, talkspace therapy under the supervision of a professional specialist is indicated. Online psychotherapy has been very popular for some time. All people in a bad mental state and burdened with many serious illnesses can benefit from this type of therapy. To take advantage of online psychotherapy it is worth using thesiesie website. It is a perfect place where any interested person can find professional help.

Who is online psychotherapy recommended for?

Online psychotherapy is a great solution for people from small towns and immigrants who have difficult access to a psychotherapist.

It is also helpful for people with particular physical difficulties and those who suffer from serious illnesses that prevent free movement. Also, it is a great solution for those patients who cannot afford private therapist visits.

The significant advantages of online psychotherapy

Psychotherapy conducted under the guidance of an experienced specialist has many advantages. Regular conversations with a psychotherapist largely heal depression, excessive anxiety, shyness and difficulties in relationships with other people.

Any professional talkspace therapy helps you understand yourself better, resolve conflicts and teach you how to function properly in your environment. In one task you can say that psychotherapy teaches to consciously manage one’s fate.

How does online psychotherapy work?

Today, many therapists on the market offer professional services in the field of online psychotherapy. This type of work with the patient has both a lot of supporters and opponents, who say that without face-to-face contact with a given patient, normal talkspace therapy cannot be talked about.

However, there is no doubt that psychological help over the internet is becoming more and more popular in modern times. And this is not surprising, because individual conversations with the psychotherapist are similar to those in the office. The patient and therapist make an appointment on a given day and connect at a specified time via an instant messenger. During the therapy session, they see each other, hear and talk about difficult topics and perform individual therapeutic exercises.



Clients, especially those sensitive to social approval, often feel embarrassed, ashamed when they talk about difficulty or not completely accepted among people. The form of providing help, where two people are not sitting next to each other, and often do not see each other, gives customers a greater sense of freedom, security, which affects the speed of building relationships, opening up and overcoming resistance.


For people who are in crisis or feel that they need help very much, but cannot come to the psychotherapist’s office, this is a great convenience. Especially for those overworked, busy running the house, caring for the family, etc., which would take a long time to get to the session. Just like for those who emigrate to another country, cities and do not want to interrupt the therapeutic process or are afraid that they do not have the skills to communicate with the therapist in a foreign language.

Approval of specific customer groups

Especially young patients or people whose lives are mainly on the Internet appreciate this form of assisting. Besides, customers pay attention to the possibility of using the Internet in individual exercises, tasks. This creates a sense of modernity, and at the same time is as effective as traditional methods.

Dates reservation

For many therapists, the client has access to an electronic calendar in which they can sign up for a session at a specific time and date. This enables participation in talkspace therapy to those who lead an irregular lifestyle, e.g. related to work. Also, he does not make the client dependent on the therapist by having sessions always on the same day and time.

Minimizing fear

For people who are seriously afraid of “live” contact with the therapist, a good option is initially to use the session via telephone. This form allows mutual reception of messages in the form of sighs, silence, voice modulation. The customer also can come in contact with a sense of security, slight discomfort, and yet, he is sure that his interlocutor is a living person, not a programmed boot, which according to the scheme sends him messages. It often happens that a client who performs therapy via the Internet at some point asks for the opportunity to meet live. It is worth considering that it is a big step forward in the whole process of helping.

Therapeutic contract

As in the case of stationary therapy, the principles of cooperation are established, binding on both parties, its purpose, the conditions in which it takes place, the same can or should be separated using modern methods of assisting. This is extremely important for customers who feel that online help is not a regular form of talkspace therapy, but an ad hoc mood improvement action that they can use when, how much and under what conditions they want.

Contact 24 / h

Services created to connect therapists and clients, as well as some individually working specialists offer the possibility of using immediate help at any hour. Particularly important and useful in crises, when the client needs immediate intervention or advice, and it is impossible to have a typical session.


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