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Online shopping has been an important part of many people’s lives because they find it very helpful and very convenient for their busy schedules and lazy bodies. Some are just hesitant and worrisome when it comes to the product payment. It’s because they are afraid of getting scammed just like what other customers experienced. Meanwhile, some just cannot make their mind up when all payment options are available. 

Well, if you feel the same with those who are full of worries, the best option is to select the Cash On Delivery option. On the other hand, if your problem is making up your mind, then here are 4 questions you should look into so you can decide the payment method to pick: 



If you check products sold in online shopping sites and stores, you’ll see the usual time of processing orders, thus, you will get a hint of when a delivery man will be ringing your doorbell. 

If you are not really sure if you will be present at the delivery address you indicated, you can just choose to pay via bank transfer or deposit. That’s also the same when you don’t have anyone to trust with the money you will pay with. 

When you’re somewhere far with no banks and ATMs around but with Internet access, you can just choose the online payment option. It’ll be the most accessible and convenient one for you, especially if the place where you’re staying at the moment is a bit far from the busy city. 

If you’re going nowhere but staying where you are, you can just easily pick the COD option.



When you go online shopping, you are well aware that you can also put someone’s address as the delivery location. That means using your account for someone is also possible. 

If your order is yours and you want to receive and pay the delivery man yourself, then COD is the best thing for you. On the other hand, if you’re planning to give a surprise delivery to a loved one while you’re at work, you can choose bank deposit or online payment so that the receiver won’t need to take out anything but will just give a signature as a recipient of the product.



Paying for your ordered products affects you financially and emotionally. 

Some feel that paying before getting their product isn’t very satisfying and fun since they have to wait for some days before the actual product gets to them. If you’re like that, inquire with the seller the number of days you’ll have to wait. Fine with the answer? You can pay beforehand. 

Another time when you should just choose paying online or through bank deposit is when you feel like you’re about to spend the money on some other stuff. When you feel like you’re getting tempted to buy another thing with the money you have on your hand, which means more spending, it’s better to let go of it already. Save it from your spendthrift hands! 

In contrast, if you need money at the moment, you can first use the supposed payment for that urgent concern you have. The Cash On Delivery method is helpful for that because you will just be required to hand your money when the product has been transported to your address already. That means you’re prepared at that time and that you’ve set the money only for that. 



Choosing a payment method is made easier when the seller is known to be very honest and client-friendly. They must have a permit to legally operate, plus a business insurance they own, which can protect not only themselves but their clients too, will be advantageous! 

If you are a hundred percent sure that the seller is legit and reliable, then you’ll be comfortable and safe with bank transfer and online payment. On the other side of the coin, if you’re afraid and doubtful, you have the COD option to save you and your overthinking thoughts. 




Payment in online shopping is more crucial than when you’re just shopping in the mall. There’s a question of assurance and safety. That’s why when all options are available for you, make the most out of it by thinking things out cleverly and checking out all the possibilities. Online shopping is a good place but a risky one too, so be certain you’re doing right and going right. 




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