Warehouse and GodownOrganizing Small And Medium Businesses With Warehouse Racks

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The warehouse racks are synonymous with organization and practicality for the business that implements them as well as for the clients, because it facilitates the selection of the products, a good management of the organization in the small and medium-sized company, it is fundamental for them to excel. Competition, endure through the years and reach the long-awaited economic growth.

Precisely of that we will talk on this occasion, sharing some suggestions that can be implemented in your SME to make transactions more effective, at the end of accounts, the shelf is essential for those who run a company that requires storage of products, because in this way they keep impeccable and do not put your investment at risk.

Having products at your fingertips is essential so that they can be constantly monitored, away from children when they are items that can be easily broken, as well as being constantly checking that they are kept sealed and that their expiration date is not close, in case of perishable items, keep them away from insects and is also an easier way to keep our products clean and dust-free, because of the ease of having them in order and at a considerable height, in which we can constantly take care of their appearance, especially in places where a lot of dust accumulates.


The industrial shelving system is a set of metallic structures that have been designed by experts in the matter to be able to efficiently store the material goods that are required in an industry or business, these panels play a central role for an adequate planning of the logistics areas and storage of any company, especially SMEs, because it will reflect that professional image that we seek to transmit to customers. A correct conception and dimensioning of storage equipment brings with it relevant advantages for companies. These structures can be only two meters, or even have a height of ten or 15 meters, because it will always depend on the needs of the company and the type of products that are required to be stored.


We obtain more efficient stores when we optimize the space and as consumers it is essential to find all the products with an adequate organization, which facilitates the choice between different options, also the aspect of marketing is fundamental, if we observe products with an attractive organization it is more likely that it catches our attention to consume them.

Everyone at some point has experienced this situation that although we only need one item from the store, we actually bought five, because the shelf was organized in such a way that the customers who buy a certain item, may also be interested in a supplement or another for future occasions The retention of customers can be the difference between knowing our new products and consume or remain in oblivion.

When we speak of small and medium companies, we refer to hardware stores, haberdasheries, greengrocers, gift shops, glassware, candy stores, stationery and school supplies, gas stations, sports or casual clothing stores, pharmacies, handicrafts and all that company that Require to exhibit your products efficiently. When implementing warehouse racks in small and medium-sized companies, we will obtain different benefits:

  • We optimize the available space: even if it is a small room, we will achieve an attractive design in which each product has a good visibility point.
  • We increase the storage capacity: in one place we can store a large quantity of products, which gives us the opportunity to have a reserve of those products that are sold with greater ease.
  • We get the most benefit from the cost per square meter of the facilities
  • We order our products and merchandise to get an easy location and greater protection against deterioration and loss: especially when it comes to crafts, glassware or decorative items. We give prominence to each of the items at the same time that we protect them from accidents.
  • We achieve greater security in our facilities and we do not put ourselves at risk when maneuvering heavy products.
  • We increase the productivity of operations and the effectiveness of resources.
  • We improve the service provided to customers, not only will it be easier to detect the products they need, but will invite them to walk through the aisles to learn about the other items handled in the store.

Some of the most convenient types of shelves for SMEs are those that will help them optimize the space and that do not exceed the dimensions of the specific place where they will be installed:

  • Traditional shelving: Being manual loading shelves are usually not manufactured with a height greater than 2.5 meters. As for the trays that hold the load, they do not usually exceed 1400 mm long by 600 mm deep. As a general rule they have a load capacity of up to 200 kg. We can find different models, from shelves without screws or with them and that are adapted to the specific storage needs. These metal structures have a large number of accessories perfect for small products and that are placed individually, to give the necessary prominence.
  • Shelves of only one level: These are shelves of low load capacity and are placed leaving a free aisle for mobility. They are not usually very tall, with a maximum height of 2.5 meters and usually have many compartments of varying sizes and drawers that manage to adapt to different sizes of products. In the event that the shelf is high, the lowest locations are those that are used for heavier goods.


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