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Even when you are older you can align your teeth!

We must not give up a beautiful dazzling smile even if we are no longer kids. You can still run for cover even in adulthood if you do not have perfectly aligned teeth, in fact, there are no age limits for starting an orthodontic treatment according to best dentist in Torrance.

We talk about adult orthodontics when permanent dentition and craniofacial growth are now complete. If the child intervenes on the skeletal growth in progress, in the adult it is possible to intervene only on dental movements, nevertheless good results can still be achieved. In adulthood, however, treatment times are slightly longer due to reduced tooth mobility.

What are the problems involved?

Orthodontics in adulthood intervenes on numerous malocclusions, when the teeth of the upper arch are not perfectly aligned with those of the lower arch.

Malocclusions can be congenital, acquired, or a result of bad habits such as sucking the thumb as a child or as a result of the loss of one or more uncompensated teeth with implants. The most frequent are:

  • Diastema: occurs when there is too much space between the teeth and no point of contact is formed between the incisors.
  • Flocking: in this case, instead, the space is too little and the teeth collide with each other because they do not have the right space to grow.
  • Over-exposure: the jaw and upper teeth overlap too much on the lower jaw and teeth
  • Cross bite: the lower teeth protrude over the upper ones
  • Deep bite: the molars close to each other, but the upper front teeth cover the lower ones too.
  • Open bite: the molars and premolars close together, but the front teeth do not touch.

It is always an advantage to treat malocclusions. The poorly aligned teeth are more difficult to clean and a harmonious smile is also a healthy smile: it will reduce the risk of caries, periodontal diseases, decrease the risk of a tooth breaking and could improve temporomandibular joint problems.

Each treatment is individual and varies depending on the problem. Before each treatment, various tests are needed to better understand how to deal with the problems and above all Best Torrance Dentist use photographs of the patient’s face and teeth, radiographs of the skull and plaster models of the dental arches to detect any presence of caries, fractures and diseases that can affect teeth and gums.

The Aesthetics

In addition to functional requirements, aesthetic needs also arise for the adult patient. To date, there is a wide variety of almost invisible devices on the market that are increasingly encouraging adults to solve dental alignment problems.

The following are some types of equipment:

  • Traditional fixed dental appliance: formed by metal brackets joined by a metal wire. It is used in most cases for the youngest but in the case of an adult it is possible to replace the metal brackets with those in ceramic or transparent material.
  • Mobile device: devices that can be removed by the patient and that must be worn for a limited time each day. Also in this case, some transparent aligners can be used.
  • Invisible orthodontics: this technique involves the use of dental masks made to measure for each patient. It is among the preferable techniques for those facing an orthodontic treatment in adulthood because it offers numerous aesthetic and functional advantages.

It is the ethical duty of every dentist to inform patients in advance of possible problems and to take into consideration particular health conditions of those who wish to undergo implantology in order to proceed with the most appropriate protocol (method) for the case in question.

If you follow all the dental procedures correctly, there are very few people who cannot take advantage of the new implant techniques and even fewer those who will have problems due to orthodontics.

At the Dentist in Torrance Clinic, you can all the information you need.


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