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The craze for a different colored eye is ever increasing because everyone desires to look stunning and unique. As per statistics, approximately 40 million Americans use contact lenses to change their eye color.

However, wearing lenses come with numerous disadvantages when people compare it with permanent eye color change procedures. That’s why numerous people worldwide are taking up the surgical procedure to avoid the hassle of contact lenses.

Comparison between contact lenses and changing eye colors permanently

  • Wearing lenses often disrupt the continuous supply of oxygen to your eyes. That’s why you need to ask the optician while buying those lenses if they are permeable to oxygen.
  • Tolerability to lenses varies among individuals. While some get accustomed to them faster, others take time; sometimes, lenses have adverse effects on the eye health too. In comparison to this, an eye color change surgery is a successful procedure with no risk.
  • Using contact lenses call for a lot of maintenance as any contamination will result in infections to your eyes. Whereas surgeries for eye color change is a permanent procedure and you don’t have to spend time on its maintenance.
  • If you need contact lenses that are multifocal, you may have a problem switching between ranges. However, if you go for permanent eye color change, you will not only get the color you desire for your eyes but those problems will also be solved.

Costs involved for such surgeries

An expert ophthalmologist conducting these eye color change surgeries will charge you somewhere between $5,000 and $7,000 for this procedure.

Want to know how it works?

This procedure involves distribution of the pigment existing on the eye’s outer layer of brown irises.

Iris is the thin and circular structure present inside human eyes that controls the diameter of your pupil. It is also responsible for the quantity of light that reaches the retina. This iris defines your eye color too.

So, coming back to the eye color change surgery, opticians work in accordance with the principle that there exists a blue eye under every black or brown eye. Thus, taking that pigmentation away allows entry of light within the stroma – those existing fibers and blood vessels around your iris.

The procedure eventually leads to permanent eye color change. Doctors say that even though it’s only a 20-seconds procedure, the color doesn’t change right away. Your body will take a minimum of two weeks to show results. That’s because it takes time to remove those pigmented tissues completely and bring out the color change in your eyes.

Which section of the world community is going for this eye color change?

Numerous experts and professionals in this field have said that people mostly belonging to show business and modeling come for eye color change treatments. However, anyone with healthy eye conditions can opt for this procedure.

Even though it is called the “permanent eye color change”, one can also reverse this procedure to get back the original color as this implant doesn’t carry any side effects. So, don’t stop yourself from getting a new eye color!


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