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Athens, the brilliant city is honoured with captivating verifiable attractions, all encompassing normal charms, and peaceful otherworldly withdraws. Presently we should feel free to cross the greatest road trips from Athens. 


Delphi is one of the most well known chronicled destinations in Athens and now remunerated with a world’s Heritage site. It is celebrated with the heavenly nature, additionally a remarkable social diamond in Greece crowns. The significant sights you should need to see here during the roadtrips from Athens that including the Temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury, and the Temple of Athena Proenaya. 

This above astounding archeological site isn’t the main spot to find in Delphi. Visit Delphi Village and find bona fide bars, bistros and trinket boutiques. At that point enter the stunning European Cultural Center which shows figures and canvases of remarkable Greek craftsmen. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 2h 22 m by means of vehicle from Athens to Delphi. 

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It is another Cycladic island on the Aegean ocean and furthermore the most well known island like Mykonos. 

Santorini is a significant difficult roadtrip from Athens yet the spot is strange to such an extent that we can’t miss it. It is set apart by its exceptional and astounding antiquated white and blue design. 

Santorini is well known for its Iconic dusks, mind boggling sees at night and vivid rock sea shores that you can’t envision. This island additionally offers you climbing to extend their legs after a long excursion must stroll along the caldera from Fiera to Oia. This little path drives you through slopes and precipices and through little towns. This is probably the most ideal approaches to see and experience the island. 

After the long walk, looking something loose? No concerns. Santorini gives you assortments in sea shores like Black, Red and White Beaches to fun, unwinding and some quality time with your excursion mate and just as enchanting wineries and well known eateries. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 4.5 hrs to 7.5 hrs through Ferry and 45 min by means of plane from Athens to Santorini. 


It is situated in the western Cyclades, south of Kythnos and a little island on the Aegean Sea. 

Serifos is an exceptionally little island and not created as like neighboring Mykonos and Santorini yet a give you the outstanding amongst other experience during roadtrips from Serifos. An island that has kept its magnificence unblemished and kept up its genuine engaging quality. 

As we previously talked about, this island is little to the point that the sea shores around it are visible by walking. The most well known one is Psili Ammos and ought to be perfect for an evening with youngsters. Others, for example, the Vagia or Ganima are a timberland and should speak to the brave sort. Alongside this visit slope top Chora of Serifos town which is an awesome whitewashed spot. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 3hrs 15 min by means of vehicle from Athens to Piraeus Port. 


It is situated in the south of Athens and the littlest of the Saronic Island, however no uncertainty it is the best excursion from Athens. This little island is an incredible spot for a nature darling you can discover here impressive perspectives on nature doubtlessly that you never experienced. In the event that you are searching for quiet and tranquility this island is the best spot for you since it isn’t as much as well known than different sea shores, however it’s actually the shrouded gem in Athens. 

Nature sweethearts and climbing devotees couldn’t want anything more than to take a roadtrip from Athens to Agistry. The island is secured with a pine tree timberland, which is being investigated. Aside from this, Agistri offers you three lovely sea shores including perfectly clear waters and appealing perspectives. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 1 hr by means of vessel from Piraeus to Agistri. 

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It is situated close to the urban areas of Kalampaka and Kastraki in northwest Thessaly, observing Meteora is a mind boggling sight. Sitting garnishes are the Rock Pineneckles Monastery worked to serve the priests and nuns of the Eastern Orthodox Church. 

The 24 religious communities were worked between the fourteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years. Today, just six are alive, yet they are open for sightseers to visit and watch. It is the biggest and most significant complex of Eastern Orthodox cloisters on the planet. 

This is the must-visit place for nature darlings, offers you the inconceivable view spots. Most likely Meteora visit got one of the one of a kind roadtrips from Athens for your lifetime. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 4-5 hrs by means of the vehicle from Athens to Meteora.


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