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Indian states are each different from the other because of the people, their culture, language and food habits. Exploring each of them help the traveller to gain some new experience.

Gujarat located in the western part of the country also has plenty to offer to the ones who love to explore. Here are some ideas.

Gir Wild Life Sanctuary

This national park is also popularly known as the Lion’s den who is the king of the forests. Spread on 1500 square kilometres, it is the home of various wild animals and birds. Asiatic lions are found in a huge number here. This place has a large number of water bodies which are the home for crocodiles. One can take a jungle safari and can get a glimpse of hyenas, porcupines, jackals and sambhars.

Great Rann of Kutch

It is a perfect white sand desert which is beautiful and fascinating. This is a white salt desert and it is best in the month November, as the festival of Rann  Utsav happens during this time. It starts from the beginning of November and goes on for three months, till February. During this festival, one can get to see various folk art forms like performances of folk dance, songs and other programs. Apart from that, one can try their hands on hot air ballooning, camel safari and camping as well. This desert is at its best on full moon nights as the moon light reflects on the white sands and it looks out of the world.


This is one of the holiest places and is believed to be the sacred Hindu pilgrimage. Dwarka is said to be one of the ancient cities of India and it was once the kingdom of Lord Krishna and also previously the capital of Gujarat. In this city, the Janmashtami festival is a huge event and this place is often visited for the famous Dwarkadhsih Temple which was built in 200 BC. This place is about 300 kilometres away from the city of Ahmadabad and here lies the mouth of River Gomti which eventually meets the Arabian Sea.


This place is of huge historical importance. The famous Dandi March which was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi started from here in Bardoli and that is why; this place is famously known as ‘Bardoli Satyagraha’. This place is located around 34 kilometres away from the city of Surat and it also has a beautiful beach to visit. One can get to see a lot of historically important sites here.

Rani ki Vav

This is also popularly known as Queen steep well and is one of the world heritage sites of India. This well is located at the banks of River Saraswati and it flows near Patan in the state of Gujarat. This is one of the oldest and grand well in this state as well as in this country and is one of the extraordinary underground structures in India.

There are plenty of other places which one can also visit when they are in this state. One can book train tickets and order train food while travelling there.


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