Pregnancy Journey and Coronavirus

With the rapid spread of the very aggressive Coronavirus, there is a growing panic among families and women who are expecting. As the virus is new, its effects are still unclear among pregnant women. This period of stress and uncertainty can amplify with the growing pandemic. Healthcare providers all around the globe are making efforts to manage and provide resolute care at this time. Answering some pressing questions, here is what we know. Is the risk of having Coronavirus higher among pregnant women? Due to insufficient data, the information on the impact of COVID – 19 on pregnant women is limited. As of now, there is no such indication that pregnant women have a higher risk. They are as susceptible to the virus as any other adult. But, it is to be kept in mind, that since the pregnant woman experiences hormonal changes and changes in the immune system, there is a chance of infection. So, general precautions must surely be taken and in case the woman experiences any cold, cough or fever, her doctor must be informed immediately. How can pregnant women protect themselves from the Coronavirus? The precautionary measures are the same as for everyone. One can protect themselves and the growing baby by:
  • Washing hands regularly with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Avoiding unnecessary touching of eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Practising and maintaining respiratory hygiene, by covering the mouth and nose while sneezing, with bent elbow or tissues.
  • Avoid people who are unwell or display coronavirus symptoms
It is advisable to call your medical facility first before going, in case a pregnant woman displays the sign and symptoms. During their pregnancy journey, pregnant women should continue with their schedule routine check-ups. You can book an appointment with top gynaecologists and obstetricians through Credihealth. You can also consult doctors online, from the comfort of your homes. Can a pregnant woman take antibiotics to protect herself from Coronavirus? Antibiotics are not useful for the treatment of Coronavirus. WHO prohibits self-medication, which may adversely affect the pregnancy journey of a to-be mother. A pregnant woman should never take any medications without consulting her doctor. Can pregnant women get tested for COVID-19? Pregnant women can get tested for Coronavirus. The kind of test will depend on the condition of the woman and her location. Can the Coronavirus pass from an infected woman to her unborn child? Till now, it hasn’t been clear if the virus can pass from the mother to the growing fetus. Researchers have also noted that the virus hasn’t spread to the amniotic fluid or the breastmilk of the mothers. Is a C-section necessary for delivery if the pregnant woman is infected? No, a C-section is not necessary for delivery if the pregnant woman is infected. The type of delivery is always decided based on the mother’s condition and preferences and the obstetrics indications. Can the Coronavirus infected mother hold and breastfeed her baby after delivery? Close contact and breastfeeding are advisable in the ideal situation. But in this one, the newborn may be kept in isolation. The mother should practice and maintain hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene, wear a mask when the newborn is in the vicinity and keep all surfaces clean. For breastfeeding, the mother may have to use a breast pump. Direct breastfeeding is also a possibility, but not an ideal one. A pregnant woman and her baby are safe if the people around them are healthy. It is true that maintaining personal and social hygiene are the keys to keeping this Viral infection at bay. For pregnancy journey or coronavirus related information, you can contact us at Also, get baby growth week by week information on our new Ladies and Babies page.

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