General Information and NewsPreventing Mechanical Seal Failure Risks

AdminAugust 14, 2019405 min

One of the major risks in the process units is caused by the failure of mechanical seals. If the seals fail it will affect the process integrity and it can lead to series of issues. You could be using Dry Gas Seals or Mixer Seals or Metal Bellow Seals, regardless of the type of the seal installed, all of them are bound to fail. So it is important to ensure that you minimize the frequency of mechanical seal failures.

Even though you will not be able to avoid seal failures 100% you will certainly be able to reduce the rate at which they fail. Here are few important preventive measures that you should take. To start with buy your seals from the most trusted Mechanical Seal Manufacturers. There are countless companies in the industry and all the manufacturers claim that they have the best products but in reality not all of them are equally reliable and most of them do not live up to their own promises. You need to make certain that you avoid such companies. Select your manufacturers based on the quality of the seals that they supply and not just by their quote. Once you find the most compatible manufacturer do not change them unnecessarily because with a specific type of seal and its make your system would have gained a certain amount of stability and changing those parameters will result in system instability.

Regular maintenance schedules will help in reducing the seal failures. So it is not enough to buy good quality seals but it is even more important to have a good maintenance cycle. So take time establish such maintenance schedules. This will go a long way in identifying the issues right at the start and avert all possible risks.

Never go beyond the safe thresholds. All the seals have their own operational thresholds in terms of system temperature and system pressure. They are designed to withstand conditions within those boundaries and if you are going to go beyond those thresholds then you should anticipate seal failures and the associated risks. Before installing the seals you need to ensure that you are installing the most compatible seals in terms of chemical compatibility, pressure compatibility and temperature compatibility. You cannot blame the quality of the seals if you do not operate your seals within those limits.

Go for replacements as soon as you notice issues or at least fix the issues. Do not continue to run the system with a faulty seal hoping that things will get corrected themselves. Taking the required corrective measures is very important to avert all possible risks relating to seal failures.

Always have well-trained and skilled professionals to operate your system. Make sure that the seals are installed correctly as per the installation guidelines. Never install the seals in a rush and forget to cross check things. Always follow all the safety guidelines and best practices when installing the seals so that you could ensure the best performance.


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