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One of the foremost wanted amenities in houses is hardwood floors. it’s been the foremost popular choice among homeowners for many years . But a bit like the other flooring material, hardwood isn’t perfect. it’s some pros and cons.
If you’re getting to remodel your home and install hardwood floors, checking the pros and cons is super important. There are such a lot elegance and sophistication that connotes to hardwood floors that it’s natural for you to fall crazy with it. But is that the installation within your budget limits?
Here are a number of the hardwood floor pros and cons you want to know before you create any decision.

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1. Ambiance
It is no secret that hardwood floors add plenty of ambiance to living places. The luxurious warmth to deal with interiors is unmatched. aside from adding curb appeal and luxury , hardwood floors increase the resale value of a if you need Best hardwood flooring services in Morton Grove IL you should hire Experienced Hardwood Flooring Contractor.
2. future Investment
If hardwood floors are maintained well, they will last quite 100 years. Most of the opposite flooring materials got to get replaced after 15-20 years. Hardwood floors serve for a lifetime. once you check the ROI of this investment, the advantages certainly outweigh the initial cost.
3. Variety
When you prefer to install hardwood floors, there’s a good variety to settle on from. The varieties differ in their appearances and costs. you’ll choose consistent with the inside design of your house or the budget limits.
You won’t need to accept one color for subsequent 100 years approximately . The hardwood floors might be stained to usher in some changes. a number of the foremost popular options include Brazilian cherry, teak, oak, and Mahogany.
4. Ageless Quality
With simple sanding services, you’ll refurbish wood flooring and luxuriate in the ageless quality. The wood never gets out of favor so it always looks chic and fresh. Hardwood floor is that the most trusted option when it involves timeless home décor.
5. Hygiene
Wooden flooring doesn’t have electromagnetic nature thus it doesn’t attract dirt and debris. The loose dirt are often easily removed with mopping or vacuuming. This makes it a clean and hygienic flooring option. The nontoxic nature makes the hardwood floor a secure choice for babies.
6. Good Acoustics
If you’ve got a taste in music and wish to play instruments, hardwood floors can enhance your acoustics. Wooden floors prevent hollow sounds.
7. Healthy Indoor Air Quality
Wooden floors, if well maintained, don’t nurture dust mites or spores. This prevents accumulations of allergens on the floors. If you’ve got hardwood floors, you’ll enjoy healthy indoor air quality with regular cleaning.
8. Easy to put in
Installing hardwood floors is straightforward . If you discover an experienced hardwood floor contractor, the method is quick and efficient. Installation errors can ruin the whole look of wooden floors which may be a rare case. Thick wooden planks make installation easy.
1. Expensive
One of the foremost prominent problems related to the hardwood floors is that the initial cost. This won’t be affordable for tons of house owners . If you compare it with the regular flooring options like carpets and tiles, costs are quite double.
2. High Maintenance
Wooden floors are often easily suffering from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Hardwood floors demand high maintenance. you’ve got to be considerate of the safe humidity levels to avoid the probabilities of swelling or cupping. No sharp objects should are available contact with the floors. watch out for pet paws!
3. Possibility Of Termite Attack
Most of the homeowners fear the termite attacks once they have wooden floors. Such infestation can affect the living comfort and structural integrity of the floors. you’ve got to concentrate to signs and symptoms because termites often affect the floors from inside out.
4. Limited Usage In House
Hardwood floor installation isn’t appropriate for whole houses. it’s not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. an excessive amount of water can easily damage the wood flooring . Install water-resistant tiles or cement in such water prone areas.
5. Molds
Wooden floors are vulnerable to mold attacks because it can absorb moisture. Maintain healthy humidity levels in your home to avoid such risks.


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