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saahilkhanDecember 24, 2020376 min

With thunderstorms and heavy rains in the offering, about weather forecasting people tend to panic. An obvious reaction that they end up resorting is head back to their homes. But the sad part is that people ignore their vehicles before it goes on to become too late. Water is pretty dangerous for your car and it might go on to become a major cause of concern in the years to come. After an initial damage occurs you might end up compromising with the safety of your car.

With heavy rains emerging in various parts of the country it is suggested that you protect the vehicle from damage. Hence before the season arrives an online car service booking in Bangalore can help you maintain the condition of the car. If you continue to do so it might prevent any costly repairs in the future.

Mechanisms by which you can protect your car from damage of the floods

If you reside in an area that is prone to massive amount of flood then a massive flood would be on the way. In fact there are a series of preventive measures that you can opt for to ensure the proper condition of the car

Opt for a higher ground and take the cover

If possible try to park your car about a ground higher as water is going to accumulate in lower lying areas. If there is an underground parking it makes sense to move the parking about the ground level. Since it is going to sound like a cliché it is going to make you sure that the vehicle would be covered with a car cover. The reason is that it is going to keep most of the water at bay and prevents natural elements from taking over the make- up of the car.

Shutting down your car

If you find that the car is submerged in water leave it on and return back to the safe haven as far as possible. It becomes really difficult to test the depth of the testing waters and the moment water level rises you might not be able to control it. In fact it is going to sweep the vehicle off the feet.

Disconnection of battery

A single foot of water might end up doing a lot of damage to the battery of your car. If you try your hand at driving then it might turn out to be a major cause of worry. If possible a better option would be to remove the battery cover of your vehicle. Sometimes water may enter your car and the need of the hour is to prevent the electrical components. A better suggestion is to get the battery checked of your car if you are having any sort of electrical problems

The car sealing

A suggestion is to close all the doors and windows of your car if you anticipate any storm coming. A suggestion is not to even forget the sunroof as well.


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