Tips and TricksPublic Limited Company: What is it?

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There are different types of companies out there in the business world. If you are a new person in this domain and you are planning to start up a business or company in future to come; you have to \equip yourself with all the information and data about the options available.

There are different types of companies like public limited company, private limited company and so on. You can choose one type that sounds more effective to you keeping in mind all the needs and things.  Once you have selected one, you can go ahead with Public limited company registration. Registration is important for any company.

What is a public limited company?

Talking about a public limited company – it is a company whose shares are merchandized in the stock market or issue fixed deposit. The company gets registered under the Companies Act with statutory minimum capital needed and share catered to public subject to conditions of restricted liability is a Public Limited Company. You can register your company of any kind no matter whether it is private, public, OPC or LLP or any other type of company once you have made up your mind. And remember, a public company is a type of joint stock Company that is not a private limited company

Then an important thing about this company is that for the registration of Public Limited Company, the company should have minimum three Directors, seven Shareholders, and utmost 50 Directors. The shares can get transferred easily and getting a loan to the public sector is convenient.  If you are not much informed about the methods and techniques of getting registration, you can always reach out to the professionals. These professional people would help you in making the right moves and get your company registered without any hurdle.

Similarly, it also is important that you know that the private limited companies is the kind of joint stock Company that cannot possess more than fifty owners. Hence, in a private limited company, the least number of owners are two and maximum no of owners can be even fifty. Similarly in the case of a private limited company, there are limitations on the transfer of any shares. The shares of any private limited company cannot get transferred easily unlike public limited company wherein the shares can be transferred freely via a stock exchange. Of course, once you dig deeper in the world of the companies, you would know the things in a more apparent manner.

You should also know that a private limited company should have a least paid up share capital of Rupees one lakh. So before starting a business, the owners have to invest minimum one lakh Rupees as the wealth of their own pocket.  And yes, ad mentioned already, in the realm of a public company, there is no limitation on transfer of the shares it has. The shares can get transferred freely via stock exchanges.

So, once you have made up your mind for public limited company, you should start doing public limited company registration process. Once you are prudent about everything, you can make the best choices.


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