Tips and TricksPurifying the polluted water with the latest technology

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The need of water purifiers all over the world has given big boost to the water purifier industry. And some great innovations have been witnessed in the last one decade or so. More people become aware of the rising pollution, more they are concerned about the water they drink. Boiling the water was seen a solution but scientifically it has been proved that it almost kills the essential minerals that are required in the water for the human body. So the coming of aqua guards has changed the concept of water purifying. 


Some of the water purifiers use reverse osmosis system and some use ultra filtration. Ultra filtration deactivates the deadly bacteria and viruses present in the water. Fiber membranes present in them purify the water retaining the essential minerals from the water. Then they have different aqua guards systems which are suitable for soft water or hardware. Soft water mainly maintains the skin and prevents hair damage. It depends on the need whether they are going to be used for the bathing or washing purposes.

 The water purifiers not only make water pure but also reduce the wastage also. Some aqua guards throw out water needlessly and some by error waste the water. Earlier the water purifiers were too big and occupied too much space on the walls. The new technology has reduced a lot the space occupied and far more compact than the previous ones.


Kent customer care helpline number Delhi tries to provide the customer service at the doorstep with minimum effort. The online help number available on the internet is toll free and customers can easily access services through their registered numbers. Required information for the working is given on the phone and customer care executive are also sent at home also. They provide installation, repair and service facilities. The service procedure has become very much easier and takes very little time to do.


Mostly the new aqua guards are automatically working. They save electricity and water as well. They automatically cut off electricity when the tank is full and starts when the tank is becoming empty. The latest ones also prevent a tar or algae to deposit in the water tank which after sometime gives foul smell also. The commercial aqua guards which are used more need to be maintained more regularly. Aqua guard customer care Delhi provides relief from the breakage or repairs of any kind at homes as well as commercial places also. For commercial places chiller cum water purifier are new things in the market. They have given a big relief for the hot summers like in India.

Customer care numbers of various brands are also available on the internet which are mostly toll free and provide all types of assistance to the customers. One can easily understand on the toll free number how does an RO system works. The customer service also tells us where to buy, terms and conditions, return and refund policy offices of the aqua guard companies.


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