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QSOCS, a VLSI institute in Bangalore, delivers best quality service and solution. QSOCS is one and only training institute where the entire course is available for being worked by professionals from Semiconductor Corporation. We provide different courses on design as well as the verification side of VLSI. Get all course details from the timeline of our website. As you know placement is a very crucial part of any training programs. Our group of experienced person brings an edge in a competitive world.

QSOCS offers various courses in terms of-

  • QSOCS certified physical designer engineer
  • QSOCS certified design verification engineer
  • Weekend SVUVM
  • Weekend design verification

QSOCS generally guides the VLSI Training business, as a top-class VLSI finishing school in India, by setting new principles in VLSI training. Our topical launch of mobile App based interactive online courses shows that we are exclusive and ahead of the up to date VLSI training industry. VLSI Design Methodologies course is a face end Online VLSI track which imparts the VLSI Design Flow, Digital Design and RTL encoding using HDL.
This online VLSI route starts with an impression of VLSI and explains the Very Large Scale addition technology, SOC – System on Chip plan, Moore’s law and the disparity between Application Specific included Circuits, ASIC as well as Field Programmable Gate Arrays, FPGA. With this impression, it walks you through all the steps of absolute VLSI Design flow and explains each step in detail. Then it covers the whole digital design, combinational, chronological and FSM designs. And lastly, this online course trains you at length on HDL encoding and makes you a hands-on RTL expensive.

Here are some important points to know about QSOCS’s VLSI training in Bangalore:

  • QSOCS, an excellent VLSI training institute in Bangalore, is one which provides manufacturing oriented courseware and training on VLSI and fixed systems, using necessary communications which is as close to an industrial environment.
  • QSOCS provides VLSI training on VLSI and Embedded System that is imparted by industry practiced faculty with decades of industry practice.
  • The main center must be on solving troubles using software and not software training.
  • We also have conducted communal training for companies like NXP, Mentor Graphics, Cisco, ARM, Wipro, and Synopsys.
  • 6 months of full-time flagship curriculum in VLSI
  • 75% time worn-out in Labs and Real Life Projects
  • Access to Semiconductor equipment
  • Work and find out in EDA Tools used by the Industry
  • Corporate Practice surroundings
  • Participative & empirical education Model
  • 25% time spent on a hypothesis

Apart from that, candidates trained by QSOCS- VLSI in VLSI and fixed systems have been placed in reputed MNCs. We must have excellent placements track record in VLSI and Embedded System Courses. We take arrogance in having the highest number of core project compared to any academic organization in India. We have 90% assignment in VLSI and Embedded System courses for most of the batches.

QSOCS’s VLSI training courses are very luxurious and time overwhelming in general for engineering graduates who want to study and prepare themselves for the core manufacturing while doing the engineering course.


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