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QuickBooks Error 15240

QuickBooks is a financial management software that is used by most of the companies to perform their finance activities. It is designed by Intuit to ease the work of accountants. Having all the advantages, it might contain some disadvantages also. One such disadvantage is QuickBooks error 15240. This error happens when you are updating your QuickBooks software. QuickBooks error 15240 is a type of Payroll update error that usually arises when you are downloading new Payroll. This blog will mention all the causes that can be helpful to you in identifying the exact causes and resolutions to solve this error. If you have any queries regarding this error, feel free to contact us on our QuickBooks Payroll Phone Number. Our Intuit certified professionals will provide suitable answers after diagnosing your problem. You can contact us at any time as our helpline number is accessible 24/7. We are always ready to provide support to you.

The error message or notification appearing on the screen are as follows:

Error 15240: “Payroll update fails due to some errors”.

15240: “Error while downloading QuickBooks software”.

Possible root causes are

Although there are many reasons due to which QuickBooks Error 15240 is occurring but the root causes are as follows:

  • Modifications in time and date framework.
  • A complete installation is not done.
  • Errors in Internet security settings.
  • Improper firewall settings.
  • Alterations to the QB source/active program.
  • Broken QuickBooks organization files due to malicious program code.
  • Windows Registry is broken down.
  • Organization files have been removed by some other programs.
  • The download is not completed.

All these are the root causes which result in QuickBooks error 15240. If you want any help then you can contact our QuickBooks Support, according to your time and convenience. If you are encountering QuickBooks error 15240, then don’t be tensed. Follow some steps to resolve this error. And you can get back to your normal work.

QuickBooks Error 15240 can be resolved by

Instant Steps:

If you want to instantly resolve this error, then you can apply these steps such as:

  • Execute Reboot.bat command to solve QB error 15240.
  • Again start your PC. 
  • And then open QB Desktop.
  • Hence click on Install Now to install the update.
  • When you don’t see the update then remove it and again start downloading.
  • Then visit the Help menu, and choose Update QB Desktop.
  • Under the Update Now tab, then select the Reset the updates box.
  • Click on Get Updates.
  • Close and again opens the QB Desktop after downloading.
  • Choose Install Now from the Update Service window.

If you still see QuickBooks Error 15240 then proceed to the next solution so that your problem can be solved.

Confirm the time and date settings of PC

  • First, choose the time shown on your PC, then alter the time and date settings.
  • Put the accurate time and date there.
  • Click on the Apply option, then select OK to continue.

Use QuickBooks Admin account

  • Firstly, you should navigate the cursor to the QB desktop.
  • Right-click on the QB desktop icon.
  • After that, select Run as Admin.
  • It will help you in getting rid of QB error 15240.

Grant  Windows Privileges to QB installation folders

  • Close QuickBooks.
  • Then visit the C drive.
  • If you are using 64-bit O.S, then click on C:\Program Files (x86).
  • Choose the Properties option.
  • From the Security tab, click on Advanced.
  • Verify that the owner of the Intuit folder is the User group. 
  • After that, download the updates.

Check the framework of the Internet Explorer

  • Choose the Gear icon, then click on the Internet Options.
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  • From the Security tab, select Use Secure Socket Layer 2.0 and Use Secure Socket Layer 3.0.
  • Click OK to implement the changes.

Verify the Firewall Settings

  • Consult the developer of your third-party firewall for instructions.
  • Make sure that the QB runnable and update runnable files have sufficient grants to go through your firewall.
  • Ports 80 and 443 should not be active.

Erase the spam files

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Under the search box, enter the cmd, and do not enter.
  • Press Enter only after clicking on Ctrl+Shift keys together.
  • Choose the Yes option.
  • Enter cleanmgr and then click Enter.
  • Wipe out the dialog box.
  • Mark the checkboxes and click OK to erase the categories.


Hence, from the above statements, it is understood that QuickBooks Error 15240 is typically an update error. It may be due to incomplete installation and inaccurate time and date settings of your PC, etc. By following the above ways you can resolve QuickBooks error 15240.


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