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When it comes to premium smartphones, there is very little argument against the notion that the segment is dominated by Apple and Samsung. Unlike Apple, which largely targets the high-end consumers, Samsung also caters to the mid-range segment by providing affordable smartphones. Over the past few years, Samsung has dominated the global smartphone market, with Samsung smartphones being extremely popular with consumers.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S series has produced some of the best-selling phones of all time, which includes the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S III mobile phones. While Xiaomi and Realme are now capturing a significant portion of the global smartphone market share, Samsung products continue to attract consumers for various reasons.

Here are a few reasons why Samsung smartphones have become so popular with consumers.


  • Smartphone Design


Samsung’s flagship phones have always been exquisitely designed, with the brand competing directly with Apple’s iPhones over the past decade. Samsung phones also come with relatively larger displays as compared to the iPhones, while Samsung’s flagship and mid-range phones also offer better camera resolution and more storage space when compared to the base variants of iPhones. For instance, the base variants of Samsung Galaxy M31 and Samsung Galaxy A31 are 6GB RAM mobiles, while the base variants of iPhones usually come with 3-4GB RAM. Furthermore, most of the iPhone models only come with 7MP front cameras, while Samsung’s flagship models sport 16-32MP front cameras.


  • The Only Competition to iPhones


As previously mentioned, Samsung is currently the only premium brand that is competing with Apple and its iPhone models. While Apple’s fans and consumers are loyal to the brand, other consumers prefer Android phones instead of iOS, and the only company that can provide superior quality smartphones, similar to iPhones is Samsung with its flagship models. Furthermore, as Android OS became more popular with smartphone users owing to its customizability and its flexibility, Samsung banked on its operating system to get the edge over Apple’s iPhones. 


  • Brand Name


Samsung has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to electronics and home appliances for decades. However, when the brand decided to compete directly against Apple’s already established smartphones over a decade ago, they had to overcome a monumental hurdle. Samsung has since relied on its innovation, top-of-the-line features, and its brand name to become one of the top smartphone manufacturers globally.

For the past couple of years, Samsung has been one of the top two smartphone brands in India when it comes to smartphone sales. While it slipped to the third position during the first quarter of 2020, it is still competing with Xiaomi for market dominance in the country. By providing models such as Samsung Galaxy M21 and Samsung Galaxy A20s, which are widely considered to be the best Samsung phones under 15,000 INR, the brand has been focusing on the mid-range segment in an effort to capture greater market share. Given Samsung’s standing in the electronics and home appliances segment, and their conscious effort to cater to both premium and mid-range segments, Samsung phones have become extremely popular.


  • Strategic Partnerships


As previously mentioned, Samsung relied on Android OS to set itself apart from Apple, thus targeting a legion of Android fans nearly a decade ago. Since then, Samsung and Google have worked together to provide a seamless experience to the consumers. In 2013, Strategy Analytics released an estimate that Samsung pocketed up to 94.7 percent of all operating profits within the Android ecosystem during the first quarter of the year.

In 2019, Samsung announced that it was partnering with Google to provide a seamless foldable experience to the consumers with their Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone, while the brand also announced that they were partnering with Microsoft. It was announced that Samsung’s Note 10 would come with Microsoft’s Your Phone app pre-installed, enabling consumers to view their phone notifications and more on their Windows 10 laptops.

Thus, Samsung has also relied on strategic partnerships in its endeavor to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience to its users, making it one of the most reliable and popular smartphone brands in the world.



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