Replace and install your windows effortlessly

Replace and install your windows effortlessly

You only need to have proper skills and proper tools to install a new window in your house. Window installation is not so hard and there can be a lot of reasons why you want a window replacement. Your old windows can be damaged or broken or maybe you are doing it for the sake of renovating your bedroom or living area. In all cases, you can replace your windows with an easy step by step guide. Keep this thing in mind that if you don’t have the proper skills and knowledge about the installation, you cannot do this task. If this is the case with your then you can always count on window replacement companies in Schaumburg IL.

Things you will need

You will need to manage all your tools in a place so that you won’t be running long to find the tools. Make a list of the things you will need and set them accordingly. You will need a hammer, a leveler, caulk gun, tape, drill machine, goggles, measuring tape, putty knife, and a screwdriver.

Remove the old windows

The first thing you will do for window replacement is to get rid of the old window first. If you have a storm window, you can easily mount it off from the case easily. But some storm windows also have screws and nuts. Use the screwdriver and drill to un-mount the frame of the window. Remove any sash or frame from the window before you remove it. If the side stops of your old frame do not go along with your new window or it will create a problem in fixing the new windows, you can remove them as well.

Measure the area

Measure the area of the window, first in a square shape and then measure its width. After that take measurements of the new window and see if there is a need for any change in the wall frame. Make the frame and equal one with the help of tape and inserting caulk. Once the area is settled according to the frame, it is all set to go.

Install the new window

You can do it on your own or you can hire affordable window installation companies in Schaumburg IL. Fix the window in the wall and drill side holes in the corners of the window. Insert the screws and tighten them up with the screwdriver. You can also fill the side space with caulk for a better grip of the window to the wall.

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