Researching Adult Turnkey Job Opportunities – 10 Red Flags

Profitable websites sell for more then turnkey websites. That is just a fact. If you can get a site listed in MSN and Google and it’s earning Adsense money, then you are going to make 20X more then if it is not profitable.

How exactly do you make a living with turnkey websites for sale that make money? By getting them through a low cost turnkey website provider and selling them over and over again on venues like eBay – not only do you secure the customer’s money with the final cost of the auction, but you secure this same customer as your hosting customer who will pay you around $9.95 every month for however long they keep their website.

Traffic to your website. After you have noticed some traffic on your website, you will need to list your turnkey ecommerce websites for sale. You will surely get someone to buy it from you. You can sell the site for (x 10) of the amount you are making from it per month. If you are making $100 per month, you can sell the website for $1000. If you can do these 3 points discussed above, you will soon be smiling to the bank.

Plus if you have two more or more bidders working with each other to drive your price down by doing this….well…it can be very profitable for that type of buyer but financially devastating to the seller. One bidder asks you to drop the public price to your reserve price and then other bidder haggles you down another few hundred. And once you drop your price you can’t put it back up again – you’ve just publicly shown the minimum price you’ll accept for your site. There isn’t a hole deep enough or a hell hot enough for these people.

If you have a flare for design then you can make money providing this service too. Photo manipulation or making website design elements like banners etc are all skills that are in demand. You can even Info that are lacking in impact, use your skills to make them better, and then sell them on for a profit. This is called site flipping.

If you are passionate about coffee, you will find that writing about different blends, and brands an enjoyable way to share your knowledge with the rest of the world. You can write articles about different types of coffee, coffee recipes, and write reviews about the many different coffee machines and accessories available to buy. You can connect with other people who enjoy caffeine from all walks of life. Why not add a forum to your website or allow your website visitors to share their own articles, recipes, and reviews.

Your Community: If your site has an established community, your users are worth money. The more active users you have, the more money you can ask for.

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