Review of Fitbit Versa smart watch

Review of Fitbit Versa smart watch

Fitbit Versa has a familiar design From afar, Versa resembles Apple Watch. But if you look closer, the novelty seems a little better, in part due to the bevelled edges. With a screen size of 1.34 inches (3.4 cm), the clock will not seem too big for women or too small for men.

Fitbit Versa – thin, compact smartwatches that do not take up much space on the wrist, which will allow them to be worn with other ornaments. With a size of 39.36 × 37.65 × 11.2 mm, Versa is the lightest metal smartwatch that adds comfort when wearing.

I tested Versa pink gold with a silicone strap, which allows you to take a shower without removing the gadget. This strap is also convenient during training, since leather, when sweating irritates the surface of the hand. If the leather or silicone is not your style, you can buy a stainless steel mesh strap.

Here I liked the design from Fitbit. The watch is very comfortable to wear for a whole day. But, the light metal case does not feel high-end, unlike Apple Watch, which is understandable, since Versa is a more budget-friendly accessory.

Displayed statistics

The Fitbit Versa display is activated by tapping the screen or moving the wrist. However, these actions are not always reliable, because you have to press several times, but pressing the Home button simplifies the task. At the top of the screen, every morning, there are tips and motivational messages (you can turn them off).

Swipe up allows you to view all statistics, to the left – shows the number of kilometres travelled, burned calories and active minutes. Swipe down – the steps were taken in an hour, along with the current heart rate. In addition to daily statistics, you can see the data on a weekly basis. Against the backdrop of your steps, the graph of the heart rate in the last 7 days is displayed.

Tracking Capabilities and Performance

Fitbit Versa runs on its own operating system Fitbit OS 2.0. The system is quite responsive, although sometimes I noticed some hangover when scrolling through a large number of notifications.

I also liked the application, which allows you to choose one of the exercises: like running, swimming, cycling, treadmill or whole body training, during which the heart rate, time, distance, calories and stages are shown.

During the test, I noticed that Versa shows the distance more than the treadmill, although it is more likely because I did not change the step length in the parameters. With the GPS enabled, the smart Fitbit clock automatically calculates the length of your step.

Built-in heart rate sensor, allows you to see the current heart rate directly on the screen quickly. It also tracks sleep, the result of which will be available for viewing in the summary of your night rest in the application. The Fitbit gadget shows you exactly how much time is spent sleeping and how long you are awake.

It is stated that the Versa can be lowered under the water to a depth of 50 meters, but I had no way to check it. But, I tried to reduce these clever clocks to a shallow depth, the display remained the same responsive and under water.

Limited support for third-party applications

The smart Fitbit Versa watch comes with 4 GB of memory, 2.5 GB of which are available for music. You can add your own songs or use pre-loaded music applications like Pandora and Deezer. Unfortunately, you need a subscription to use these applications, but Fitbit offers a free trial version of Pandora for one month and a three-month trial version of Deezer when you purchase Versa.

It’s a little annoying that you need to manually download MP3 files and synchronise them with the Fitbit application. But, this is not the worst, Pandora and Deezer are the only music services that you can use on Versa.

With the playback of music, which I synchronised through Deezer on the headphones connected to Bluetooth, there were no problems.

Other pre-installed applications include Starbucks, Strava and Weather, which can also be downloaded via the Fitbit application. Other useful applications, except Yelp or Nest here you will not find, support is rather limited.

I would like to have more applications to choose from, especially those that could improve the capabilities of these smartwatches.

Incoming notifications

Intelligent Fitbit Versa watches vibrate every time a text message or notification comes from another application. You can answer or reject an incoming call directly on the clock.

However, owners of devices on iOS can not send or respond to text messages; they can simply receive and read them. Android users are luckier, they will be able to send quick answers, through pre-filled templates or through third-party applications like the Whats App and Facebook Messenger.

Here you can also control which applications show notifications and completely disable them. But in that case, you’d better buy a fitness tracker that does not have these notifications at all.

The biggest problem with Versa here is that the notifications do not disappear on the phone when you view them on the clock. It is necessary to delete the list of notifications on the smartphone manually.

Long working time

Unlike the smartwatch Apple Watch and Google Wear, you do not have to charge Versa every evening. With a battery of 145 mAh gadget can work without recharging for more than 4 days. I used Fitbit Versa to the maximum, testing each separate function, the battery was completely discharged only in the middle of the fourth day.

To fully charge the battery using a Fitbit docking station or charger, it will take about 2 hours.

Fitbit Versa price and warranty

The cost of Fitbit Versa is 200$. The device is delivered in black, grey, peach and an aluminium casing. Available for purchase all over the world through its own Fitbit website, as well as retailers, Best Buy, Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, Verizon and Macy’s.

Special Versa publications, including support for Fitbit Pay, cost $ 230 and are currently available for pre-order.

Fitbit offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and an annually limited warranty for manufacturer defects.

The result

Fitbit Versa is felt durable and waterproof, so without problems should work for more than 2 years. I hope that Fitbit will continue to release updates and expand the list of compatible applications so that these smartwatches can keep pace with competitors.

Versa is a comfortable and stylish device, with battery life, which is much more than competitors. However, the price of $ 230 makes this gadget expensive.

Is there an alternative?

Depends on what you want. If you need a fitness tracker without pop-up notifications, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro offers a little more fitness options at the same price. It has a heart rate sensor and built-in GPS, so you will not need to use a smartphone to track routes.

If you prefer a smartwatch with fewer features, Misfit Vapor for $ 200 includes an integrated heart rate sensor, a large AMOLED display and runs the Google Wear OS, which allows you to use Google Fit or other applications to track your workouts.

For Apple users looking for a device compatible with iOS, Apple Watch 3 will be the best choice. Here a large selection of applications, the ability to respond to text messages or notifications. With a price of $ 330 ($ 21,000), these are the only smartwatches that have huge functionality and work in tandem with the iPhone.

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, Versa from Fitbit has many options for customization and can easily adapt to your lifestyle.

Advantages of Fitbit Versa

  • Lightweight body.
  • Show all notifications.
  • Accurate heart rate sensor.
  • Good battery life.
  • Replaceable straps.

Disadvantages of Versa

  • Not fully compatible with IOS.
  • No built-in GPS.
  • Limited support for third-party applications.

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