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The Knights Templar Enigma
The Knights Templar include the focus of numerous conspiracy and alternative history theories. After their founding in the First Crusade they rapidly rose to unrivalled strength. Then after two centuries these were destroyed almost overnight off their position of European strength. They were accused of heresy and immorality along with their tale was consideration to end using suppression, particularly by those whose positions of power had been threatened through the Order. But were they in fact obliterated? There is some evidence that we were holding in a position to continue secretly.
The last three hundred years have seen the Templar story linked to many features that lie fundamentally from the western esoteric tradition. The secret nature in the Order Knights Templar of knights referred to as the Knights Templar has led to many feeling they’re able to reasonably connect the organisation with almost any areas with the occult and other mysterious occurrences and events. A few in the more famous historical enigmas which are repeatedly thrown into this mix are the Turin Shroud, the Holy Grail along with the Ark of the Covenant, all of these have been demonstrated to get backlinks on the Knights Templar.
The tastes historians tend not to accept the notion that the Knights Templar continued as an effective organisation for too long at night day their destruction was ordered. In many instances historians are actually justified to say the Order played no further part. This is because claims regarding the Knights Templar a variety of in our contemporary world and many of the, but not all, are complete rubbish.
The Templars were such a mysterious organisation with so many unanswered questions that they can be employed to fill any gap that has some kind of mystery linked to it. They themselves had an obsession with secrecy so that it is quite challenging for historians to position all in the pieces of the puzzle together. With this kind of lack of available information it’s easy to assume they’d a hidden agenda.
The effects in the Knights Templar on European history have been examined comprehensively by researchers and contributors to Temple of Mysteries. There are many sites which might be known to be Knights Templar in origin, or are purported to be so, that people have explored or expect to do so down the road. Ranging from the Order’s headquarters in Scotland; a peaceful village named Temple to numerous sites throughout Europe and even in North America.