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The circle of relatives heirloom may be in treasured or semiprecious stones and those are generally surpassed over to the following era by means of the preceding generations. normally after the loss of life or dying of the inheritor of the circle of relatives the complete belongings go to the next heir. The land papers and constructing and the jewelleries are all handed over to the person that goes to hold and carry on the circle of relatives name. The rings for the girls usually are wedding ceremony jewelry or engagement earrings which might be surpassed on from the woman of the inheritor to the subsequent heiress.

The jewelleries are by and large of treasured stones like diamond and ruby and emerald. the wedding ring for girls became made of stone settings with a single big stone in the center and if they belong to the men – the width become broader but the stones had been small in size and set all around the ring in a circle. Many rings were made with small stones set thru the half circle of the ring in order that the component that stays at the inner side has no stones to brush the skin. The guys used diamonds because the white colour or colorless stone was their favourite but the ladies jewelry normally had stone with colour like a ruby or emerald.

the hoop for volgopoint women rings in most of the households was a part of a fixed of jewelleries – with the equal setting of stones in the necklace and wristlet and inside the ring for the hands. They fashioned a part of the own family asset and the girl of the family used to put on the heirloom set on special event – with matching robe and different accessories. Many own family had jewelleries named after the family call and they have become famous in later days. The jewelry for the girls had been of complicated designs and also heavy weight however nonetheless we discover the rings had been worn via the women frequently as they were received as a part of the trousseau.


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