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Any social media marketing talk show you follow you will find a lot of information regarding the new trends and developments in the platform. As a marketer, if you follow these trends you will be able to stay on the foremost edge of social media.

Ideally, last year was considered to be the special year for the rise of Instagram usage in social media, especially for the marketing purpose. It is expected that this year the trend will continue and may even be more profound and prominent.

According to the major Instagram marketing news, there has been a lot of tools rolled out in 2018 all of which has changed the social media marketing scenario. You saw IGTV, Instagram shopping tools, and new Instagram Stories features and this year there are few more updates expected as per the Instagram marketing experts.

The new features included

There are few specific features that are worth mentioning here as these features changed the social media marketing scene dramatically last year and are expected to do in a bigger way this year.  Some of these features are:

  • IGTV: Instagram introduced and expanded IGTV which is a new app designed specifically for viewing full screen, long-form vertical videos of your favorite creators. However, months later it was found that as TechCrunch reported the app had a small glitch in it. The long form video hub witnessed a slow start and apart from that also experienced difficulty in adopting in comparison to other Instagram features such as Instagram Stories. According to the TechCrunch report, it was found that the recent feed videos typically got around 6.8X as many views as compared to their other IGTV posts.
  • Robust shopping features: Recently, Instagram also included a few more robust shopping features that are expected to gain more Stormlikes than ever. Ideally, there are two new ways in which these Instagram features will make it easier for the shoppers to shop directly from this app which is one of the most significant aspects of these features. It will also help in expanding Shopping in Stories as well as testing any new shopping channel in Explore. The Shopping in Stories was first tested by Instagram in June 2018 after which it rolled it out gradually to over 46 countries globally earlier this year. This new Shopping channel in Explore features useful and beneficial contents that are specifically customized to suit the style, tastes, and interests of the users. It can also feature other brands users who already follow the brands they may like.
  • Algorithm: Instagram shared algorithm in June 2018. It shared all those factors that are typically weighed by the Instagram algorithm to determine the specific posts that usually appears in the personal feed of any user. Ideally, there are three main considerations that are used by this platform to find out what is expected and should surface in the Instagram feed. These considerations included the user interest, the recent times these featured in the feed and the relationship of the user.
  • Exclusive creator account: Ideally, there are several myths regarding how Instagram ranks the content. To deal with this issue and also to help in other aspects Instagram tested exclusive creator accounts. These accounts are created exclusively with a small group of very high profile influencers and tested. The tools used for this testing purpose are specially designed just to meet the preferences of these specific influencers. It also included the different growth insights such as data and it follows and un-follows. The direct messaging tools used also allowed users to filter notes from different friends and brand partners. It is the flexible labels that allow users to select how they wish to be contacted.
  • Interactive countdown clock sticker: To deal with the Instagram Stories specifically Instagram rolled out a new interactive countdown clock sticker. This allows users with different options to choose a date and time in their countdown clock. They can now customize their messages as well as the color of the sticker. Using this feature the followers can then choose to receive any reminders regarding the countdown and choose to share it with their own audience on Instagram Stories.
  • Question stickers: Instagram has also expanded the question stickers for Instagram Stories and has added more versatility to it. The users of the Instagram Stories are now able to respond to any question with music. These question stickers can also be used with the Instagram Live videos. This will further help the users to organize the questions and answers and also streamline the on-screen conversations.
  • Personal profiles and company pages: A fresh look for the personal profiles and updated company pages are also notable as it now enables the users to add more details and relevant information in the headers of the personal profiles. Some of these updates include shifting the profile image placement if it affects the background image, input an extended summary section, add a new Contact menu to the right, and lots more. As for the new looks and features of the company pages, it includes Content Suggestions tool for the page admins, more advanced analytics, a set of tools to help businesses to engage employees on the platform in a better way and others.

There are also a few other new features that will help in the marketing process eventually. With these features included the platform now facilitates more engaging and dynamic conversation between the users and followers of a specific brand. You can now add multiple images, alerts, and other rich media in posts, embedded videos and much more. You can also incorporate Video Captions, translations and Articles Quotes depending on the platform and get more engaging and result driven conversations.

In short, the new features have made it easy to select and share new feed posts, select a specific audience for each of these posts, make it public or private or connections only to specific groups, start a group chat, include emojis in messages and lots more.


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