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Come the festive season, and we are all worried about what to wear this time. Many of us would love to put on ethnic clothes to match the mood and the hype of the occasions and yet try to look unique and different from the crowd. Quite undeniably, this can turn out to be a difficult task, especially when all the girls and women around tend to be dressed up for the event in traditional wear like you. How can one try to be unique in such a scenario?

The key lies not in the garment alone, but in the style, you carry it in. You will have to admit that your unique personality adds tons to anything you wear, so why not rock the ethnic look with a touch of uniqueness?

The ghagra choli, for instance, is a popular choice of traditional attire worn by many women in different corners of the country. Some wear it as a piece of everyday clothing because of such customs, while for the others it is a piece of festive wear that they choose to don on some special occasions like Diwali or family gatherings. Although this is opted for by a number of women, you can still manage to look elegant and unique with just a few hacks. Read on to find out.

  1. Go for an ankle-length ghagra

There is always room for creativity when it comes to apparels, and this hasn’t left the ethnic world untouched. Be it ghagras or lehengas, we are used to wearing the long skirts of either to full-lengths, sometimes even brushing the ground and getting dirty. Besides, it often becomes a hassle to do simple chores – climbing up or getting downstairs, running around for errands or simply having fun – because of the length of the ghagra. Besides, the overall look has no element of wow to it as such.

Now, just imagine putting on an ankle-length ghagra and getting rid of all these woes. Not only is the factor of comfort doubled up, but the ankle-length ghagra can also create a look that is bubbly and youthful at the same time as being elegant. The ghagra choli has for decades been worn by women who are tied because of conservative societies. It is time to show some uniqueness by adopting the look with a modern twist and spreading the message.


  1. Play with the blouse

Mostly, ghagras are known to come in plain-looking blouses. The blouse in this look, as compared to the lehenga, is not supposed to be the center of attraction. But who said you couldn’t style it your way? You could go for an embellished one or an embroidered one. You could use one with laces or one in sheer. You could choose to give the dupatta a miss and flaunt the blouse with enthusiasm.

For a perfectly unique blend of traditional and modern, try playing with the blouse a little. You could choose to go for a backless blouse or you could ace the look by playing a little with the sleeves. These days there are a number of designs sleeves come in – bell-shaped, flared and even cold-shoulder. Perhaps it is time these styles are tried on the ghagra choli too.


  1. Seal the look with a kamarband

The ghagra could come in a style that does not flaunt your midriff too well. At family functions especially, people might want you to be covered up to an extent that the entire point of creating a silhouette worth flaunting seems lost.

You could reverse the situation with the help of a kamarband. Not just does the accessory add tons of excitement to the look, but it also is a perfect solution for flaunting your figure even without showing any skin. It is also perfect for when you decide to give the dupatta a miss, and kind of makes up for its factor.


  1. Drape to the best

You can choose to drape the dupatta of a ghagra in several interesting and unique styles. Although this is something even you can personally work out in front of a mirror, there are certain styles we can recommend to help you begin with. There is the traditional way of placing the dupatta on the right shoulder, taking one end across the belly and tucking it on the left side of the waist while leaving the other end free.

You could now keep playing with the dupatta for a different look each time. You might want to twist the dupatta to make it resemble like a thick rope and wear it across from your shoulder to the belly for a contemporary look. You might want to keep the dupatta across your neck, from shoulder to shoulder, to be able to flaunt the blouse. You could choose to create geometrical patterns. You could choose to almost cover the entire skirt with the dupatta in cases where your dupatta is translucent and embellished with stones, etc, for accentuating the beauty of the skirt. There are numerous other ways to style the dupatta and hence your overall look.


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