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Role of a Psychiatrist

There are many issues with mental health people are dealing with on a regular basis. They can be chronic like persistent or recurring. When one is suffering from that, the body can respond physically and anxiety and depression can also take a toll on health.

Sometimes mental issues can also be triggered from physical illness. So a primary care doctor should be consulted first when one is facing mental issues. The doctor will ask about the symptoms and for how long one is having them. Whether the symptoms have become constant or it keeps coming back after disappearing. After checking the physical issues as well the doctor decides whether to send their patient to a mental health professional or a therapist or not.

When it comes to mental health professionals the first thing that comes to one’s mind is an experienced psychiatrist. There are many psychiatrist in Navi Mumbai who can take care of patients who are suffering from mental problems. Now who is a psychiatrist? Well, they are the medical doctors who are specialised in diagnosing and then treating mental illness. They go to a medical college and then go for a specialised training in this particular field. They are actually trained in order to differentiate the mental health issues from those other underlying mental conditions which can also represent psychiatric conditions. It is true that mental issues can affect physical health like it triggers to high blood pressure, blood sugar, liver and kidney problems.

A psychiatrist is also licensed to write prescriptions to people having mental disorders. They are the people who are mainly designated to treat problems like anxiety, bipolar disorders, hyper tension and depression. There are some medications which are enough to treat the mental illness. Again sometimes a combination of medication and proper psychotherapy can work as a wonder on patients. If a combination of treatment is needed then a psychiatrist may often refer the patient to a mental counsellor who can help with that.

On the other hand a psychologist is a doctor of psychology and they are experienced in reading behaviours and minds. They actually study in how to evaluate and treat the emotional and mental disorders in a human being. They mostly work on the basis of behavioural and psychological theory. Licensed psychologists are qualified to do proper counselling and proper psychotherapy. They can also perform some sort of psychological testing, and then they can provide treatment according to the type of mental disorders. But they are not medical doctors. This means they cannot prescribe proper medicines to their patients. For that, they need to take help of a psychiatrist who are certified doctors. That is why; in most cases a psychiatrist and a psychologist work in association with each other so that mental therapies and medical treatments can go hand in hand. This is actually a perfect combination to treat a patient with mental issues.

Seeing them are no more a taboo these days because many people suffer from occasional depression pangs which they need to come out of.


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