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According to Gartner, the number of connected things will reach 14.2 billion marks in 2019 and 25 billion by 2021. IoT cloud is a platform from salesforce.com designed to store and system IoT information. Powered by Thunder, IoT could is a real-time event processing engine of Salesforce. Let’s explore how the Salesforce IoT cloud is gathering large volumes of data generated by sensors, gadgets, websites, and packages to initiate actions for real-time responses.

Salesforce integration with IoT devices enables businesses to keep customer data updated and address their growing expectations. At Oodles, we provide Salesforce integration services for efficient and accurate management of customer information.

Salesforce Approach to IoT

The aim of Salesforce is to enrich its services with the benefits of big data gathered from connected devices. To manage this data, Salesforce enables CRM users to build and customize their own apps.

Salesforce provides a platform called Salesforce IoT cloud to store and process data. Salesforce IoT Cloud is powered by Thunder which is an event-processing engine designed to capture, filter and respond to events in real-time.

Thunder is built on the following open-source tools:

Apache Storm: A real-time big data and event-processing platform

Apache Cassandra: A distributed database management system

Apache Kafka: A messaging system that manages huge volumes of reads and writes per second

Apache Spark: A distributed large scale data processing framework for streaming data

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Firstly, the imported data is dumped into Apache Kafka. Apache Spark then takes this profile data from Kafka and puts it into Apache Cassandra for profile updates. Apache Storm uses the data stored in Kafka to handle real-time events.

Benefits of Salesforce IoT Cloud

No Code Technology

Salesforce IoT cloud uses a low code approach that enables business associates to carry out their IoT processes without any IT knowledge. It enables businesses to set triggers and responses for the bulk processes. The IoT actions send IoT service data to the Salesforce core platforms like service cloud and marketing cloud to automatically create a lead. Salesforce IoT’s low code approach reduces costs and enables organizations to test business ideas readily without the requirement of programming code.

Enhanced Data Analytics

Salesforce uses Einstein Analytics, a business analytics software built in the cloud to enhance data processing. Einstein analytics enables CRM users to gain insights from huge data sets including sensor data, website logs, and relevant ERP records. CRM users can explore the data from Salesforce and external sources (traffic schedules and weather forecasts) to make future predictions. Einstein automatically selects the best visualization tool ( metrics, charts, and diagrams) and prompts users to create a story so that reports are easy to understand and remember.

Einstein analytics enables users to build and customize their own analytics apps using prebuilt dashboard components.

Improved Customer Acquisition

Each product connected to the cloud enables the sales team to access information about every single product. The team has information about which product is outdated, the item reaching the warranty deadline and a new update on a product. Business executives use this information in multiple ways to improve sales processes. It enables businesses to easily target customers who require a specific product. The sales team can create custom offers and send them to customers before a warranty deadline ends.

Businesses use the Salesforce IoT cloud to carry out these actions automatically by defining a set of rules. For instance, businesses can set a rule based on performance metrics. Now, whenever a product will perform below a set standard, an automatic entry will be made to the sales and customer support team to peep in the matter. The sales team can analyze the data to predict customer behavior and requirements. IoT cloud enhances customer acquisition and retention through a completely automated process.

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