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Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers in the consumer product industry. It has evolved since the very day it all started. We won’t go back in history but let me tell you for once; the evolution of smart TV was started by none other than Samsung way back in the year 2008 it’s been almost 10 years today. Since then they have been very responsible and quick to attain what their customers had back in their mind. There is now a high competition in the market as every single manufacturer is striving and struggling to be on the top by achieving things before Samsung does. TV sets way back in the start were thick build and the picture quality was limited to some basic specifications. Today as this industry is growing and spectacular RnD is done the TV screen are going thinner and the picture quality has a new definition of sharp. These high end TV’s are next level and so is Samsung’s MU6400.

Product Comparison

Let’s just get started with the price comparison. This article of Samsung is widely available across UK at a retail price of 549 pounds with a high dynamic range, 4K ultra HD, 3 HDMi and a 8 bit panel. This simple key features let us determine whether it is a good option to go with or is just throwing money down the drain. Nevertheless, one can always go through many UK comparison sites to follow up compare and save their looking’s and if you intent to proceed with all of this do for once visit for further details and check Samsung UE49MU6400 Price.

Amongst the most high end Samsung’s TV sets is this MU6400 which is much cheaper than the previous models and a person having a budget to stay with mid-range TV’s this model should be on your list. The combination of a 4K resolution with high dynamic range and an operating system that is as easy as nothing; filled with all of your desired applications that one can easily scroll through. If we talk about the sizes available it has a 40, 49, 50, 55 and 65 inches to choose from. We are very much concerned with the design of the TV. It has a y shaped stand which I liked the most and it is very easy to fit on a TV rack if you have one, if not there isn’t any issue. Coming back to the y shape stand it is of plastic and has a clip to manage your cables and have a neat look on your TV rack. Honestly, this is one major benefit of having a stand all those clumsy wires can be hidden and you are free from the cable mess which often gets us in trouble. MU6400 is a flat screen TV which might be or might not be attractive for everyone. You always have the option to opt between the curved ones and the flat ones.

Samsung UE49MU6400 Product Comparison


The screen itself it LED, LCD with a VA panel and bottom edge lightning. Making it different from all the others that have come before it. The picture quality because of the 8 bit panel has a very sharp finish to it, but this doesn’t mean that the picture would be harsh on your eyes. They have worked over it every time they come up with a new model. HD display but it is soothing and has no harsh lines that might be there is you opted for some other brands for lesser price. Samsung in no ways compromises with the picture quality that’s a plus in their products. Whether it be colors or a variety of contrasts everything is cleared in a neat possible way. The only thing bothering will be that blacks aren’t blackish as they are supposed to be but still for the perfectionists there is fine line between the greys and the blacks. The thing that makes its fancy is the bezel itself. It is thick and metallic and reminds me of the old fancy Samsung’s high end TV’s. One thing that we can’t get over it the remote controller, as there are two this time. One is the basic traditional model with all necessary buttons and the other to operate the smart TV efficiently and isn’t topped with a loads of buttons; but a very few to make it precise. Moving on to the connections they are on the back of the TV so one can directly plug and go. Addition to this there are three HDMI sockets, two usb ports and Ethernet (other than the built in Wi-Fi option).traditionally Samsung had this basic centralized operating system but in MU6400 this has been changed to pop up launchers and separate bar for settings inputs and applications. Which makes it quite easier to use even by a lay man. As far the app support is concerned it’s a full an ecosystem that is full streamed and supports almost all kinds of video app whether it be any. Moving towards the sound quality, we might say it is balanced and nice for a casual watch but for gaming and movie purposes it doesn’t stand out as much as we expected it to be. This would cost you some more because of investing in a sound system that delivers you at the best.



Moving on to the retail price and a hole retail price comparison, we already mentioned that is costs 549 pounds as compared to Sony which is a 100 pounds more but has a few more features than this one does. But overall if you have a budget and don’t want to spent any more than this is the one for you. Being pocket friendly it is an easy way to upgrade from a simpler TV which was just an HD quality. This Samsung model has more to offer to you. And it way lot of cheaper than the ones available in the market. There are many retailers out there that can help you free install this TV but in case you want to do it on your own it’s just a piece of cake with a user manual that is quite easy to understand.


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