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id=”cnetReview” part=”rvwBody” knowledge-part=”indepthReview”> The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk is the desktop variation of the transportable FreeAgent GoFlex Professional . The two drives share the very same adaptable, interchangeable adapter design and style that removes the worry about what connection types to get for your exterior challenging generate. This is simply because, while the GoFlex Desk arrives with just just one USB two. link, it can assist any other kind of peripheral relationship, these as USB three. or FireWire, by means of snap-in adapters. nnAt the avenue price tag of close to $220 for the 3TB variation (the 2TB and 1TB value $one hundred forty and $a hundred, respectively) the GoFlex Desk is a genuinely very good deal, primarily when you consider its decent performance and the simple fact that its adapter also supports any inner SATA difficult drives. nnIf you work a ton with internal tricky drives and are on the lookout for an exterior travel for your desktop personal computer, be it a Laptop or a Mac, appear no even more than the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk. nnnnnTravel kind 3.5-inch exterior USB difficult travelnnConnector alternatives USB two., USB 3., FireWirennSizing (WHD) six.22 x 4.88 x 1.73 inchesnnPounds 2.38 lbsnnOffered capacities 1TB, 2TB, 3TBnnCapacity of examination device 3TBnnNotable style Interchangeable link adapternnOSes supported Microsoft Home windows (XP, Vista, seven) Mac OS 10.5 or increasednnProgram bundled Memeo BackupnDesign and featuresnThe FreeAgent GoFlex Desk arrives in two sections: the difficult generate and the adapter. The difficult push is mainly just an inner tough drive housed in a plastic chassis. At the base, the drive’s housing has a compact opening to expose the internal hard drive’s common SATA woman connector. The adapter aspect has a male SATA connector these two parts can be snapped onto every other and fit tightly to variety the GoFlex exterior difficult generate. nnOut of the box, the GoFlex Desk comes with only 1 USB two. adapter, but many thanks to its revolutionary versatile layout, you can include help for other link forms, these types of as USB 3. or FireWire, with the very simple addition of other adapters–while these, however, expense more. You also have the possibility to obtain the GoFlex hard travel component on its very own and then a different adapter to variety the exterior hard drive with the relationship alternative of your choice. In this scenario, we endorse you get the USB three. adapter, which charges $30, especially if your laptop or computer supports USB 3. (USB two. ports will settle for USB 3. adapters as well). nnWe truly really like the ground breaking, versatile structure, as it suggests you can use the difficult drives and the adapters interchangeably when you have various GoFlex Desk drives in the household. Or you can use just a person push with numerous adapters, which is an best circumstance for an ecosystem with multiple personal computers that have distinctive kinds of peripheral connections. For case in point, you can use a USB 3. adapter with a single laptop and a FireWire adapter with one more. You then can conveniently move the really hard-drive aspect all over and leave the adapters connected to their respective desktops at all moments. nnAnother good detail about this layout is the fact these adapters can also be employed with any inside SATA tricky drives, of both of those the two.5-inch (laptop computer) and the three.5-inch (desktop) patterns, even individuals not built by Seagate. This makes the GoFlex Desk a ought to have for any person who is effective usually with inside hard drives, mainly because it can swap other docking-station methods, this kind of as the Ineo USB three. Dock or the VanTec NexStar. nnThough the tricky-push aspect of the GoFlex Desk is just a bare-bones drive, the adapter also involves a storage gauge that has four white LED lights to present the approximate quantity of storage being used. Every single gentle signifies 25 percent of the drive’s storage. nnThe GoFlex Desk’s style is not perfect, nevertheless. We discovered that the adapter, which is designed to also be the foundation of the generate when utilized in the meant vertical position, is as well slim and light-weight, chelating agents (web.sfc.keio.ac.jp) so that the drive topples effortlessly. You can stay clear of this by working with the drive in the horizontal position, but that deflects from the glance of the entire package deal. nnContinue on to following page 01n02