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SEO Services Agency Dubai starts the project by capturing the project’s digital marketing plan in a document to see what should be the approach of the project, and once we have clear strategies, to start SEO Optimization of your website.

Therefore, all businesses should understand how SEO Services Agency Dubai work.

What is a Web Page?

A web page is a site with information and data about a particular topic that can be accessed from a search engine on the Internet and is published by a person or company.

The web is within the World Wide Web (WWW) or global computer network, which contains the entire system with Internet documents.

The main page of a web page is the Home, which will be of the type www.abc.com, to be able to visit it and then go to the other pages it includes. this web.

What is a web page for?

Although there are thousands of reasons to make a website and have a presence on the Internet, we are going to name which are the most important so that you really know what a website is and what it is for.

  • Give visibility to your project, branding or brand image.
  • Bring contacts to your business or personal project.
  • Generate community or capture emails to sell through email marketing.
  • Sell ​​more through another channel than offline.
  • To spread certain content or information and build trust.
  • To interact with other users.
  • Position the web and earn money online.

Even so, within the Internet we find several types of web pages (blogs, corporate web pages, personal websites, online stores or ecommerce …) that will help us depending on the information or topic that we are looking for.

How to optimize a web page

The dynamism of the sector and the modifications that the search engines are introducing in their algorithms means that Best SEO Agency Dubai has to be continuously reviewed to be able to successfully adapt to the changes that are being generated.

There are two variables that are considered essential to optimize a web page for search engines: authority and relevance.

The authority: the popularity it has in Internet page.

The significance: as the name suggests, the relevance of the page between user searches.

To ensure that these two variables adapt to what the search engines demand, it is necessary for Best SEO Agency in Dubai to work on three complementary and essential fronts to carry out a correct positioning strategy.

The website:  To work on the SEO optimization of your website, these variables must be taken into account:

– The choice of domain. all domains rank similarly. Whenever you can, try to choose a domain that identifies you and that also helps you position yourself with the keyword you have chosen.

– Web designed for SEO but also designed to meet user needs. At this point we recommend that you focus the information well, do not overuse the texts and do not implement flash elements or automatic music, as they are practices that can be penalized by search engines.

– Avoid duplicate pages. This is essential and you have to work to fix it.

     The structure of the web:

The second variable deals with how to organize the structure of the website. Our recommendation is to do it in a pyramidal way, in such a way that linked pages leave the home page, and these, in turn, link to other category pages so that the authority of the home page can flow to the rest of the pages.

Another point to keep in mind to improve user navigation on the web is to add a map of the website in which you can see at a glance all the pages included in your website. All this helps to improve the navigability of users and that search engines can better index pages.

     The content pages

As you already know by now, for a good SEO optimization, content is king and that should be noticed on the web.

You must have updated content that deals with the services and / or products you offer. All of them must be written for SEO and accompanied, whenever possible, by graphic material that will be properly labelled.

In addition, as far as possible, links to other pages on the same website should be included in the content so that Google brings the pages together.

Tips for creating good SEO content

Written content rules today, both for SEO Services and to attract users. Do you know what you have to take into account?

Meet the needs of users. For this you must know what arouses the interest of the users and write from it. Remember to give them valuable information to help them solve their latent need.

Possibility of being easily linked. For the content to be relevant it must be possible to access it through links and directly, so it is necessary that they have their own URL.

Optimized content. The keyword should appear in the first paragraph of the text, in the subtitles and naturally distributed throughout the text. In addition, it must be marked in bold and appear in the description of the images.

How to optimize the audio-visual part of the content?

More and more images and videos are gaining positions towards the top of the elements that most favour organic positioning.

That is why you must start using images and videos and know how to optimize them correctly.

Optimizing images

Best SEO companies in Dubai will start by talking about SEO image optimization. To get the search engines to consider them relevant, the following must be taken into account:

  • Include the keyword in the image name.
  • Optimize the weight of the images.
  • Use free and good quality images.

Optimizing videos

The videos have witnessed a spectacular boom in recent times, so it is important to know how to optimize them to benefit from this pull:

  • Write a good and eye-catching description of the video to help it be found.
  • Save all the videos in the same directory.
  • In the case of social networks, the video thumbnail must be attractive to get more clicks.
  • Videos, unless required, should not last more than 5 minutes, since the user will lose their attention.

In this post we have offered you a summary of how SEO Specialist in Dubai optimize your website so that it appears better positioned in search engines.


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