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PGP encryption known as the pretty good privacy encryption is a data encryption computer programme that gives cryptography privacy and authentication for online communication. PGP was created in the year 1991 by Phil Zimmermann with the sole purpose of encrypting and decrypting texts, emails, and files to increase security and gives privacy. This encryption makes use of data compression hashing and public-key cryptography combining both features of private and public keys cryptography. The sender encrypts his message using the public encrypted algorithm provide by the receiver while the receiver receives the message using their own private key to decode the message.

PGP encryption always sees to it that messages send is delivered to the intended recipients. PGP is very good and effective because it makes use of both symmetric asymmetric keys to encrypt data being transferred across networks. PGP encryption is very strong encryption that provides an additional layer of security so as to prevent just anybody having only the public key from being able to decrypt data. It h become an urgent need to encrypt data in recent at times due to easy ay digital data and information can be monitor.

The PGP programme has a user-friendly graphical user interface thus it is not difficult for beginners to comprehend it. Although there are different variations of PGP namely the open PGP, PGP and GPG, they ought still to carry out the same functions as a protocol used primarily for encrypting communication using a key pair. In the PGP programme, there are two sides to it which are the encryption and the signing. Hen encrypting a message, you are increasing the level of confidentiality and hen signing a message, you are increasing the level of integrity. O you can either encrypt your message or sign your message or you can do both.

You can reduce the risk of exposing your information to the public by making use of PGP phones. PGP phones are devices that as the PGP encryption incorporated to it in order to secure information sent or received by the device in the form of texts, emails, images etc. with the option to use your face identity or fingerprints each time you sign, decrypt or encrypt a message in the PGP phone has taken the security level of the encryption to a great height. In addition, PGP phones keyboard supports multiple languages and keyboard layouts that allow you to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify anywhere a text is inputted.

PGP makes use of an efficient conventional encrypotion or single key called IDEA for message encryption. The public and private key used in this encryption give total confidence and security to our users. Secure your smartphones today because of the smartphone revolution as led to a world of convenient and continuous connected enterprise with personal mobility. The solution encryption layer features a powerful encryption mechanism covering both the data at rest and the data in motion. This mechanism thoroughly secures any information stored locally on the PGP phones.


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