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Bygone are the days when the possibility of publishing and promoting your book was a herculean task. With the provision of free publishing platform for authors on the web, writers can come out of the shadows to showcase their work much openly and with minimal constraints. Today, just about anyone is a writer right from tweets to Facebook status update, people are writing. Therefore, picking up on this writing habit, several self-publishing platforms have been formed to meet the needs of budding writers to share their work with the world. And this is why this is the best time in the history of the world to be a writer.

How to Gain Awareness by Self-Publishing your own Book?

Just be unique! Remember, big publishers only go with what is proven and safe as they would not risk something that is brand new. However, self-publishing platforms provide you the opportunity to be very creative, and it enables you to work freely without any pressure. Another significant thing is that more and more books are being published digitally nowadays which is an exceptional way for self-publishers to put their work out there.


Summary of Benefits of Self-Publishing Platforms

  • You can control everything

You are no longer restricted by fads and shareholder’s concerns over a publisher’s bottom line, or even small market size. But this does not mean that just because something can be published it should be published. Hence, you can control the content, the design and the channels you choose to publish through.

  • The entire self-publishing process is not so complicated

The mechanics behind self-publishing for e-delivery and print are not so difficult and are perfectly affordable. We can use software’s that can be easily accessed on the internet in order to create professional-looking books for our target markets.


  • If your self-publishing project relates to an aspect of your core business, you will end up adding accessible value to your business brand.

If we talk about the field of non-fiction, you may be able to add significant value to your core business by self-publishing books related to your daily job. This helps adding considerable value to your business, enhances your professional reputation and helps making your brand much more visible and discoverable.


The journey from a writer to a publisher is quite an exciting one, but it can pose serious challenges for a novice writer. Aspiring authors need to spend a lot of their time considering the look of the book, channels to get it published, investing in external support, and so on. If you do all these things regularly throughout your self-publishing journey, all your answers will come more readily.


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