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Curtains are seen hanging from centuries ago and the paintings, as well as artifacts, are the proof. Today we know them as interior designing pieces but earlier they were a privacy-related element rather than decoration. The story is long but interesting. It starts from the evidence of excavations at Olynthus; Pompeii, and Herculaneum, portieres appear to have been using the room dividers in classical antiquity. Mosaics of the Early Christian period show the curtains and drapes curtains suspended from rods spanning arches. In medieval illuminated manuscripts, the curtains occupy a specific position. They are shown knotted or looped up at doorways. Yes, at that time curtains have taken an important position and started to compete with the shutters. Until the end of the middle ages, window openings were covered with utilitarian wooden shutters, window sheers or thick cloth. Only the beds were curtained on all sides. It added a great look along with privacy. It allowed people to fall in on romanticism and it became a classic taste of the time. Generally, white sheer curtains were used. They rested on a structure made around the bed and covered with a tester or canopy. Later when the beds were used as couches and seats, the curtains were neatly looped up but were in the form of a bag.

Home decor standard from the 17th century-

Dutch paintings of the 17th century also show an affair with drapes and curtains. It can be regarded as the time that these pieces of cloth became something that cannot be skipped. By then they have occupied the position in the house as well as in the hearts of people. The simple dwellings with shaded windows having half- or full-length curtains, and beds curtained with plain fabrics, were the rise of the time. At this point in time, the velvet curtains came into light and became an important part of homes. Slowly and gradually people learned about the new forms of curtains and how valuable they are as per home decor standard. From the 17th century after today’s date in the 21st century, they occupy a specific position with no substitute or alternative.

Curtains and drapes in present day-

Today the most frequently used devices are curtains and draperies. The window sheers are used in the beautification of home as well as solve many purposes. They prevent the dust from coming in; keep the sunlight away, pack in the coolness/warmness in the room or house. The white sheer curtains are the best to take a hold on the dust. Maintain privacy but at the same time are sheer to bring in the light. On the linguistic basis, the two terms drapes and curtains are not much different from each other.

Curtains are  the best friends of door and window-

Curtain, in interior design, back an important position. They are the best friends of door and window as thy complete the look by adding a full stop. They are a decorative fabric commonly hung to regulate the admission of light at windows. Also, they prevent drafts from door/window openings. They can play a big role in controlling the temperatures in your home and keep your home warm during the cold season and cool during the summer as the doors and windows are responsible for 10 to 15% leakage from the room to outside. They prevent the dust and gather it. This helps to keep the place clean and the curtains can be washed or dry cleaned easily. Just imagine if your living room is not having the curtains then every day a good amount of dust will hit your sofa and other furniture. Over time they will start to look dirty and their washing is not easy. Also, getting it done costs a lot & that’s why it is not possible to get it done every now and then. Therefore, the curtains served as a cheap and affordable option to kick the dust away. At the same time, it does not look that anything additional is done instead they look great.

Types of curtains-

Curtains can be of many types like the window sheers. Other times they are made up of heavy material, arranged to fall straight in ornamental folds. The fact behind using heavy material is that it gives a great fall. And this little process can be termed as draperies. Depending on the fabric various designs can be created. Many layers can be made they can be cut in a different shape as well as pinch pleat curtains are a common choice. Therefore, the fabric is the most important thing because a lot of things depend on it. The choice of cloth and colors can bring a complete change to the look and feel of your room any place where the curtains are hung. The fabric is an essential part of choosing drapes since the material dictates how well the curtains function and hold up over time. The perfect choice of fabric and colors will make you stand out of the crowd. For example – the white sheer curtains will keep it bright, airy and beautiful inside.

Spiffy Spools is your stop-

The fashion of curtains and drapes will never fade. The new updates and advancements in this industry will be making them most wanted. They will continue to occupy a major place when it comes to home and offices. Nowadays, they are not only a need for the domestic uses but in various institutions, offices and other places they serve as a great option. The window sheers help to cover a window and at the same time allow the air circulation to be maintained. They are fit for use in the office as well as home. Apart from it, there are various kinds of curtains and Fabric that can be used as per choice and requirement. If you are searching for the best curtain then take me time and hit the website link. Here you will find the best fabrics, design, and patterns to decorate your place. Do you need the white sheer curtains? Then stop wasting any time and just come to Spiffy Spools. Have a look at their wide drapery range and pick the one you want.


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