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There is no doubt saying that your attire defines your overall personality. However, while choosing any clothing item, there are several things that need to be taken care of. It includes appearance, silhouette, fabric, colour, and the way you style it. 

A perfect clothing item not only enhances your look but also makes you feel comfortable. Uncomfortable clothes can be awkward and irritating at the same time. Thus, make sure you choose the right clothing. There is a wide variety of bottom wear for women these days that can be paired with the top or blouse. Make sure to always opt for a clothing item that suits your body type. Here is a mini-guide to help you find the bottom wear for women according to your size and shape.

  • Straight Pants for Tall and Slender

Tall and slender ladies are undoubtedly fortunate as they can wear anything they want. From straight pants to hot pants, knit pants, and palazzo pants, everything suits them well. They can pair it up with a cami crop top or basic tees.

  • Palazzo Pants for Short Women

One thing to remember is to avoid straight slim-fit pants that are not too fit. The latest palazzo pants with wide open legs can make you look great. Bold colours are highly recommended. When looking for casual wear, hot pants can be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

  • Shorts or Slim-Fit Pants for Short Waist

A short waist usually has long legs that must be highlighted. Slim-fit pants, shorts, knit pants are an excellent choice that enhances your body type and your beautiful long legs. Get ready to flaunt your trendy attire with the crop top and accessories.

  • Straight Pants for Widebody

A straight or knit pair of pants are perfect when you have a wider lower body part. You can pair these bottom wear for women with blazers, tops, camis, or crop tops. It helps in enhancing your appearance.

  • Wide-Legged Palazzo Pants for An Apple Shaped Body

The palazzo pants with wide legs are highly recommended for women with an apple-shaped body. Avoid slim-fit, skinny pants in different colours to avoid drawing attention towards your waist.

  • Palazzo Pants for A Pear Shaped Body

A pear-shaped body is one with a heavy lower body part. Therefore, it is suggested to ignore straight slim-fit pants. Instead, Palazzo pants are the perfect fit that enhances your personality. For great looks, one can add the correct amount of jewellery to it. Choose solid colours with wide-open leg bottoms.

  • Hot Pants or Knit Pants for An hourglass shape

An hourglass shape is surely an attention seeker that reveals an ideal waist. So you are lucky that you have got those curves; all you need to do is now flaunt them! Avoid baggy pants that damage your entire personality and hide your beautiful waist. Instead, go for knit pants, slim-fit pants, and hot pants. You already have curves, so all you need to do is highlight them.


Keep yourself trendy and comfortable all the time by choosing the perfect bottom wear for women. Get to know your body size and shape, and you are good to go!


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