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Shopping Destinations on Delhi to Agra by Car

Shopping is one of the favorite or loved by everyone. When we are going away on a tour, it is believed to be one of the most important activities to be done is shopping. If we inform you about all the major destinations where you can shop when you are on your Delhi to Agra by car tour, you will be thankful to us. Delhi is the capital of India and Agra was the capital of India the status of both the cities is very important it and the people of the cities have maintained the culture pretty well. You can buy things that are very important for your household and yourself also. Without wasting time, let us know more about the shopping destinations on the way to Delhi to Agra by car.

Janpath Market

As the name of the market is Janpath, it means it is related to the people. Every day many visitors come and visit this market to buy different things of everyday uses including some special or precious items. This market is located in New Delhi and it is particularly famous for Brassware, jewelry, shoes, handicrafts, clothing, etc. You can also find goods from the markets of Tibet because many people from Tibet and other nearby areas and countries come to sell their products in the hub of tourists. Most of those items are often made by hands.


Paharganj is also located in Delhi. You can find the wholesale market of Delhi here. It means that it is easily possible to buy things at highly reasonable rates. So if you are looking for a place for shopping for a special occasion like a marriage or festival, Paharganj would be one of the best shopping destinations in Delhi. Paharganj is particularly known for handicrafts, Hookah pipes, books, textiles, clothes, etc. You need to remember that the market of Paharganj gets closed around 09:00 P.M. Therefore if you are planning to visit this market, take care of time.

Palika Bazar

Palika Bazar is also one of the very famous Markets of Delhi and it is situated exactly in the central part of Connaught Place which is considered as the commercial area of Delhi. It is a high profile market and you can easily buy electronic products, series, and footwear, accessories of all kinds, perfumes, and clothes. Palika Bazar is absolutely clean because it is well maintained by the people over there and there is no problem of connectivity with the local transport of Delhi. You can reach the market without any hustle-bustle. You can get all forms of transport to reach Palika Bazaar at your convenience.

Raja Ki Mandi

The name Raja Ki Mandi is very unique. The meaning of this name of the market implies that it was particularly established while respecting the king present at that time. Its location is in the Loha Mandi area of Agra. This market is very crowded. There is a lot of noise in the market also because of the presence of a railway station beside it which is another factor to make it a unique place. It is famous for ladies’ garments and accessories, religious articles, jewelry, household articles, sweets, garments, etc.

Shoe Market

If you are fond of shoes along with the fragrance of asafoetida or Hing, you must visit the shoe market of Agra. It is located near Hing Ki Mandi. It is very famous and if you go to the, you can enjoy the fragrance of asafoetida. You can find all the kinds of footwear in the shoe market and make the golden triangle India tour package memorable.

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