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Cardiovascular disease and heart disease have become the leading cause of mortality in India. Reason can be an unbalanced lifestyle, hypertension, stress, age, and various other risk factors. These diseases incline to distress patients in the most productive years of their lives and result in catastrophic social and economic consequences. A cardiologist or a heart specialist treats these CVD diseases. Cardiac interventions are complex medical procedures operated on the human body’s essential organs. So choosing a cardiologist for CVD or any heart disease must be well thought. A skilled and trained cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon is the best-preferred choice for the treatment and diagnosis of your and your loved one’s cardiac disorder.

Additionally, an individual, especially one who has any family history of this kind of disease, needs to visit a cardiologist very frequently to reduce the risk. Identifying signs and symptoms for CVD and heart disease can save an individual between life and death. 

Sign & Symptoms Occurred by Cardiovascular and heart diseases – An individual has four valves in their heart including aortic, mitral, pulmonary & Tricuspid valves. These open and close in a synchronized way to direct the flow of blood through the heart. Disorder and any damage due to various conditions disable the valve from functioning properly and is considered CVD. Following are the sign & symptoms of these diseases – 

  • Syncope
  • Chest Pain
  • Swollen Ankles or feet
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue

It would be wise to seek a cardiologist to consult with if they feel any of these symptoms. It is easier to diagnose or cure any heart disease at an earlier stage.

Tests & Diagnosis for Cardiac Treatments suggested by a cardiologist in Gurgaon A cardiologist first will consult you about the sign and symptoms you are facing or will ask about the family history related disease followed by a physical examination. Individuals suffering from CVD diseases must undergo various tests and procedures for the treatment plan as the doctor needs to understand the exact condition of the patient and the disease. 

Besides chest x-ray & blood tests, other tests meant to diagnose heart disease may include the following.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) – ECG records the heart’s electrical signals to check for various heart conditions. It helps the doctor to detect any fault or irregularities in the structure & heartbeats.

Holter Monitoring – Holter monitoring is a small, battery-powered, portable medical device that the patient needs to wear to record continuous ECG for 24 – 72 hours. Heart rhythm irregularities not detected by regular ECG examination can be detected using this medical device.

Echocardiogram – This is a non-invasive test involving ultrasound of the chest while screening detailed images of the heart’s structure & function.

Cardiac Catheterization – A short tube is inserted into an artery or vein in the patient’s groin, neck, or arm to treat or diagnose certain conditions or disorders of cardiovascular. The procedure Assisted by x-rays on a monitor, doctors will thread the guide catheter through the artery or vein until it reaches the heart.

Cardiac Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan – CT Scan is a standard test often used to check heart problems. Once a patient is laid down on a table attached to a doughnut, it scans the patient’s body using X-Rays by revolving around the patient’s and clicking various chest and heart images.

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – As the name suggests, the MRI machine uses a magnetic field to take different pictures of any part of the patient’s body. It’s a circular tube-like structure inside which a patient is laid to produce images as suggested by the doctor. Depending on the prescription, it can zoom more as required.

Best Cardiologist in Gurgaon – As the heart is a very tricky part of the human body and requires the best possible treatment for any disease or disorder. That is why routine check-ups and consultations are a must after a certain age for a healthy and wellbeing heart. A cardiology specialist who has expertise in preventing and treating heart disease and has hands-on experience in treatments like Heart attack, High blood pressure, Irregular heart rate, Valve disorders, Atherosclerosis, and abnormal lipid levels must be preferred. The best Cardiologist can help you address these issues and suggest an appropriate treatment plan without any side effects and complications. 

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