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There is not always a single reason, i.e., travelling to visit Manila, Philippines. Of course, the Philippines is a beautiful city and witnesses many thousands of travellers every month. However, not everyone comes to travel, some comes because of the work. People who visit the place to work often prefer condo rental in Manila Philippines to live.

Condos are smaller in compared to traditional houses they offer plenty of advantages. Condo are often best located near amenities and this can be quite convenient. Several factors required to be taken care of while looking for the condo rentals in manila Philippines. This post mainly highlights a few factors that must be checked before finalising a condo rental. So, let us get started:

Condo’s Location to Your Work: 

Life in Philippines is pretty expensive. When you look for a condo rental in Manila Philippines, you should check the location of the condo apartment. Try to get the place near your work, so you could save your travelling fare and the time that would consume while travelling.

You work tirelessly for 9-10 hours in your office, and willing to take rest, you would want to reach to the living place as soon as possible, and this can only be possible when you have the rental condo very near to your office.

Is It Accessible to Public Transport? 

A great rental condo is the one with easy access to other party to the city, both in terms of the roads and situations nearby and the variety of public transport available in the surrounding area. A condo rental should be close to the frequently visiting place or crucial places like airport, railway station, etc.

Location of Emergency Services: 

Check the distance of emergency services like hospital from the place you live. It is essential that you can get from your condo to a hospital or a healthcare facility quickly. Safety is an essential factor when looking for a home. If the condo development itself is impeccably build and secure, it is even safer if it can be easily reach by the police and the fire brigade in case of an emergency.

Check the Condition of Living Unit: 

The residential tower/condo/apartment buildings are worth to admire in Manila Philippines. Most of the condo units for rent are brand new, although some may have already been lived in. A property that requires major repairs or has recurring problems may not be the best value for what you are being asked to pay for.

Furnish or Unfurnished? 

Undoubtedly, furnished condo rental unit would be of little higher price in compare to unfurnished condos. In this Philippines, fully furnished units will have all the essentials like bed, couch, fridge, stove, microwave oven, washing machine, dining table, chairs, TV, etc. Some even provide the facility of pre-installed internet connection, working phones, and a cable subscription. If you are the type who doesn’t cook at home or doesn’t fancy watching TV all the time, then selecting for a semi-furnished condo makes more sense.

So, choose the rental condo in Manila Philippines as per the requirement whether it’s furnished, semi-furnished, or completely unfurnished.


This is one of the prime factors comes before any of the factors mentioned above. While location also plays a key role in choosing the rent, rental charges is another factor to pay attention to. It is essential to check, if the asked charges suit to your budget or not. As we get to know, that furnished condo will be of slightly higher price than unfurnished. So, one can choose unfurnished and bring the essential stuff with them to live comfortably.


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